Sergio Cortes Travels to Xerem To Help Prepare For Health Risks From Flooding

Sergio Cortes, the State Secretary of Health, spent Sunday morning in the area of Duque de Caxias to take a closer look at the flood damage in Xerem. The news was reported in an article published by Extra, which explained that Cortes wants to look at the areas that suffered badly from the floods and take a closer look at the shelters that are taking care of the population in the aftermath.

Xerem also happens to be the location of the Dengue Hydration Center which has been open since Sunday and has 12 chairs designated to help hydrate people in need. It can serve up to 300 people on a daily basis.

Sergio Cortes commented that they are preparing for the worst case scenario to make sure they can help everyone in need, but they are hopeful that the situation will not turn out to be as bad as predicted. He explained that to this end the Department of Health has set up the center as a preventative action. He also commented that there is a great deal of garbage built up in the city and this means that there is a higher change of dengue mosquitoes becoming an issue.

Sergio Cortes has a great deal of experience and has worked in all fields of both public and private health service as can be easily seen by anyone who follows him on LinkedIn.
He spends a great deal of time helping to inform the public about how they can remain healthy and even blogs on his own website helpful tips.

To further aid his efforts the municipal health secretary, Camillo Junqueira, along with the National Health Force in Medconca have agreed to send another calamity kit to Caxias and to deliver another 3000 tablets that can be used to quickly intervene with anyone diagnosed or suspected to be carrying leptospirosis.

The main goal of all measures that Sergio Cortes and the State Department of Health are taking is to prevent many diseases that are common when water gets contaminated in the region. For more information about Cortes check out his Twitter.

Marcio Alaor Of BMG

During the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte, known as Expose Samonte, opened the Food Court Marcio Alaor de Araújo in honor of the executive of the same name, the renowned bank BMG, private financial institution with more than 85 years of experience in the domestic market.

The award emphasizes the services of Marcio Alaor to his hometown, professional growth achieved through hard work, and the ever-present support of city residents, who instigated the study and achieve their professional and personal goals, but without losing its roots, its origins.

Wilmar Father, doctor and his former friend, was largely responsible for realizing on Marcio Alaor all the potential she had to become a great man. When Marcio was still shine, Dr. Wilmar sent every week clean shoes for him shine. She said the boy needed to make money, but that work was essential to achieve what he wanted. So he did. Shoe shine to one of the BMG bank executives, Marcio Alaor followed the teachings of Dr. Wilmar and always sought to study, grow, learn, breaking the world. He is now vice president of Banco BMG, one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil, consolidating its position as one of the greatest Brazilian businessmen in the economic sector. Even after his upward mobility, has never ceased to look back and appreciate their origins, their countrymen and dear Santo Antonio do Monte, particularly in encouraging the fostering of rural growth. The event that marked the tribute in Expose Samonte was full of emotion.

According to him vice-president of Banco BMG, the delivery of the board featuring the gratitude of his countrymen, symbolizes the representation of friendship and affection that your city has with you and its history, emphasizing the gratitude and the roots of his beloved land.

Took the opportunity to strengthen their support to the city, to rural economic growth and the activities that generate social and economic progress. In an interview with Journal town of Santo Antonio do Monte, Marcio emphasizes the importance of valuing the friendships and keep in touch with all friends of the city, putting people ahead of the financial side. His great executive position of a financial institution was possible thanks to the encouragement of those who loved him, friendship of friends and passion for his homeland. According to him, be honored in life is a great honor, since they are usually people only valued for his services after death.

A fitting tribute and applauded by all present! Concluding his speech, Marcio Alaor, the BMG bank, emphasized his belief in the city’s potential and willingness to always be present in matters of public interest of his countrymen, looking at the potential of city ​​and talents.


Avi Weisfogel Looks Tlo Raise Funds For Operation Smile

The dental expert Dr. Avi Weisfogel has recently looked to use the high public profile he has in a bid to help children through a funding campaign for Operation Smile. The campaign is one Weisfogel holds dear to his heart as he attempts to raise funds to help provide treatment for children with a cleft lip or cleft palate. Using a Go Fund Me page Dr. Weisfogel is hoping he can provide a high level of funding to aid the specialist medical professionals from Operation Smile to head out into the world and complete their work with children.

Operation Smile does not limit its work to any particular region of the world, but instead will work with medical professionals to provide free treatments for children in all areas of the world. This charitable organization has been in existence since 1982, and has provided surgical care for children in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Avi Weisfogel trained as dental professional in a bid to make sure he provided the best dental care for people across New Jersey. Soon after beginning his own practice Dr. Weisfogel embarked upon his career seeking to provide dental mouthpieces for a variety of reasons, including their use in avoiding the issues associated with sleep apnea.

Despite winning numerous awards during his more than 15 years in dental practice in the state of New Jersey, Dr. Weisfogel has always looked to assist as many people as possible in avoiding the many different medical problems dental mouthguards can provide assistance with. Weisfogel eventually went on to be one of the founders of Dental Sleep Masters, which uses oral appliances to aid patients in getting the best quality sleep possible.

Dr. Weisfogel is now looking to raise as much money as possible through his GoFundMe page to assist Operation Smile in completing its good works. Volunteers from around the world come together to provide surgical care for children, young people, and adults who do not have access to the best in surgical care to treat the problems associated with a cleft palate or lip.

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