Wild Hair Hacks for the Everyday Girl

Wengie starts by going over the importance of promoting healthy hair by first altering your diet to fit what your hair is lacking. That requires some research on what types of vitamins and minerals are especially beneficial for your hair (and oftentimes even your skin!) and adding those key food types to your diet. She goes over the big ones, including Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, and folic acid.


The Youtube hair guru goes on to list out the next hair hack, which is to remind her viewers the importance of cleaning out your hairbrush regularly. She even goes over the steps on how to do so most effectively, complete with detailed closeups of her own messy hair brushes. An additional tip, that not many are aware of at all, is the use of a dryer sheet to really freshen and soften your hair!


Tip number eight details how to make your hair look longer in a ponytail, tip number seven teaches you how to add volume and maintain your hair dye job by using coconut oil in a pre-shower basting ceremony, number six informs viewers on the importance of not using a regular towel to dry your hair but instead a creative and easy to put together alternative. The next tips go over how to handle your baby or flyaway hairs and even the right way to deal with split ends at home. The ten tips finish up with both a hair and a skin hack! View this super useful ten hair hacks here: