Traveling Vineyard For the Person Who Wants His Own Business

Traveling Vineyards is a work-at-home job for people who love wine and want to make some money with it. The company was founded in 2001 and now has 1,000 fine wines in more than 40 states across the country. There are 21 varieties of wine within the red, white, and sweet and fuzzy. The wines are priced at $14-25 per bottle. It costs $174 to become a wine guide. The price covers the $99 success kit and $75 for your first two tasting sets. There are prizes to acquire for the ones whose profits reach a particular level.

For example, if someone earns $750 within a period of 60 days, they can win an electric wine bottle opener. There is a $50 rebate for anyone who gets to the $1400 level in 60 days. Just like the old Tupperware parties, Traveling Vineyards expects their members to throw wine tasting parties and sell their wine there.

Any person who’s very good at selling products will and wants to be his own boss will benefit friend this friendly oriented business. The members encourage and inspire each other to succeed. There is no pressure unless you are trying to win your own electric wine bottle opener. You can work as much as you want to and put in only the hours you want. You can have as many wine parties per month as you wish. For people who don’t really want to give wine tasting parties, there is a wine tasting guide that is very similar to Avon Catalogs. If anyone is interested in purchasing wine from The Traveling Vineyard, all they have to do is order the wine through the distributor or member who will get credit for the sale.

Traveling Vineyard has a Facebook Page to help increase their membership. They display some of their wine products. Members of Traveling Vineyards, and people who are interested can visit the page and learn about the business through those people who know about the business. The page includes the web address and phone number where people interested can get in touch. Traveling Vineyard also has a Twitter page that has the same purple cover photo of people enjoying a glass of wine as the cover photo on their Facebook page. Traveling Vineyard’s Twitter page has an announcement of their next recruitment meeting in which interested people are invited to phone in and listen to the presentation.

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