Nathaniel Ru: Entrepreneur

Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet founded Sweetgreen, a post-workout snack. After meeting in college, the team of students noticed the limited options for healthy food that was affordable in their college town. They soon created a vision and made a business plan, despite their lack of prior experience.


However, their company became successful because they approached the business in a new way. With the small space they had to work with, they had to become creative and pick and choose what was most important to them about their business.


While this was not a school project, the trio used their resources from school to help with research and development for their business. They applied their learning to creating a successful brand.


In their classes, they learned about business and the importance of the value of their product. They also learned how important service was to their customers and made sure to make that a top priority.


The trio also made sure to incorporate community service into their business. They created a program called “Sweetgreen in Schools” which educates children about nutritious foods and and healthy living through hands on learning.


The trio stresses that children should know about food in order to be healthy themselves, so they try to reach out and teach them about healthy living. The also connect with their community through music, which is where Sweetlife came to life.


This festival is defined as a party with a purpose and involves healthy eating while listening to some popular bands. People responded well to this concept and the party has continued to grow throughout the years. It has also evolved into several locations in order to spread awareness.


Sweetgreen is based on the ideas of winning, thinking sustainably, keeping it real, adding a sweet touch, and making an impact on peoples’ lives. They pride themselves on the talent that they hire to keep their business model going strong.


They see their product as an embodiment of their values. Although it is a food company, they also believe in true human connections and reach their customers on all levels.


In the thirteen years this company has been open, nutrition in the area has significantly improved. Students are able to now eat fresh salads on the go instead of prepackaged food. This helps to create a healthy lifestyle.


Hippeas is a new snack that is healthy and offers a way to do some good for the Earth

livio hippeas green park


Hippeas is a new organic healthy chickpea snack that claims that it is “good for you and good for the Earth” too. Made from chickpeas, Hippeas snacks are a healthy alternative to traditional high-calorie, nutritionally bankrupt snacks. Hippeas was introduced to the market to target consumers that want snacks that are healthy. In addition, it also appeals to those consumers that care about the Planet Earth. Hippeas is a snack that anyone would be proud to pick up from the grocery shelf. The company that makes Hippeas snacks, Green Park Holdings, has partnered with Farm Africa on the Food for Good initiative to support Sub-Saharan Africa farmers become more productive and competitive. For every pack of Hippeas sold, Green Park Holdings will donate money to the Food for Good initiative. This initiative enables African chickpea farmers to grow their way out of poverty.


Livio Bisterzo, an influential Italian entrepreneur, founded Green Park Holdings, the company that makes Hippeas, back in 2015. This innovative food company is focused in the fast-growing nutrition and health markets. Its mission is to create innovative food and drinks brands that are unique from other products in both their taste and impact on the world. The company wants to prompt social and behavioral change with its line of socially-conscious snacks and drinks. Green Park’s first brand, Hippeas does just that. Health conscious as well as socially-conscious millennial consumers will find that Hippeas satisfies their need for a snack that is good for them and good for others too.


Hippeas are vegan, gluten-free and kosher. They are high in protein and fiber. In addition, these tasty snacks are low in fat, as well. Hippeas do not contain any MSG or GMO. Consumers can choose from a variety of interesting flavors, including Sriracha Sunrise, Far Out Fajita, Maple Haze, Pepper Power and Happenin’ Hickory. Hippeas are sold at select Starbucks locations across the United States. To learn more about Hippeas, check out their