Dr. Rodney J. Rohrich; Plastic and Cosmetics Surgery

Dr. Rodney is a medical doctor by profession. He is a plastic surgeon and is an eminent professor who has high recognition both here in the United States of America as well as abroad. Rohrich is also recognized worldwide for his great contribution in the line of plastic surgery as well as reconstructive surgery. He is also known widely for his necessary education, for facial aesthetics as well as his work in rhinoplasty and also aging.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is currently serving as the distinguished professor at the University of Southwestern Texas Medical Center that is located in Dallas city. He is also the current holder of the crystal ball charity in plastic surgery in the distinguished chair. He is the current holder of the Warren Woodward and the Betty Woodward chair in reconstructive as well as plastic surgery. He is also the recipient of the Rod Rohrich as a distinguished and medical doctor in the professorship in plastic surgery and wound healing. He is also serving as the chief editor for the American association of plastic surgeons and head in reconstructive and plastic surgery. Dr. Rodney is also certified by the board of associates in the American plastic surgery board.

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Dr. Rod was born and raised in the rural areas of North Dakota. He was a brilliant student from his childhood. He studied and went to the University Of North Dakota and finished his undergraduate and postgraduate education with a first class honors. He then went and received a degree in medicine from Baylor College of Medicine in the United States of America. He then finished and graduated with a first class honors. After his plastic and general surgery residencies, Rohrich went to Michigan University and trained further in pediatric surgery at the University of Oxford in England.

The cosmetic surgery world whether it wrinkles from the Botox to the full-blown face lift as well as breast implants are one kind of industry that is set to grow and most of the novice entrepreneurs will disrupt by their start.

The industry on utsouthwestern.edu nowadays is not as it used to be limited to the wealthy celebrities and socialites. It is now accessible to everyone and thanks to the TV shows including Extreme Makeover together with infomercial ads that that promote age-defying cosmetics products. Dr. Gary Breslow founded the online platform to make patients, and plastic surgery doctors meet and interact.

From Blue Jeans to Stilettos: Dr. Jennifer Walden is Still a Country Girl

Named as one of the top 24 cosmetic surgeons in the USA by Harper’s Bazaar magazine last month, Jennifer Walden is revered as a woman who has it all. As an accomplished leader in the aesthetic surgical field, she has trained alongside some of the best surgeons in New York City.

Dr. Walden is one of the first women to ever sit on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She is also an award-winning surgeon and accomplished author.

Although she is extremely busy, she never comes across as indifferent with her patients. She is a well-rounded professional whose eyes light up when she speaks of her family. For Dr. Walden, her family comes first.

Often asked how she arrived at the point she is today, Jennifer Walden admits it was tough, but definitely worth it. Through hard work and determination, she has made a name for herself among the most prestigious surgeons in the USA.

Born and raised in Austin, Jennifer knew what she wanted to be from an early age. Her deceased father was a dentist, and her mother was an accomplished surgical nurse. She kindly attributes her success as a parent to her mother. Watching her own mother raise five children alone, Dr. Walden feels her mother showed her how to be strong, even when she felt like giving up.

A country girl at heart, Dr. Walden returned to Austin after a highly successful career in New York City. And after only three years, she founded Westlake Medical Center, where she performs 99 percent of her surgeries. Jennifer Walden is simply a down-to-earth country gal.