Andy Wirth Wins Olympic Valley Incorporation Battle

Lake Tahoe Northern shores have had a rough time in the recent years. The area experienced a serious drought that affected the resorts and the businesses that depend on them. To make matters worse, the region had to deal with a political challenge in addition to the natural calamity.

The political challenge was as a result of the battle to Olympic Valley Incorporation, the home to various North America iconic resorts such as Squaw Valley Resort. Things got worse as time went by. It was extremely difficult for the resorts to make any money during this time.

However, Andy Wirth and the Lake Tahoe community can finally afford a smile. Andy Wirth is the CEO and President of the most iconic resort in the area, Squaw Valley. There will be a relief to both problems very soon.

According to the news published in the Reno-Gazette, the past four years have been extremely tough, especially for Andy Wirth. Early this season, Mother Nature offered the area the help they needed by providing early storms that were accompanied by very cold temperatures. Thanks to this climate, Squaw Valley and the rest of the resorts managed to open their businesses weeks earlier than their normal time.

The group backing the incorporation idea also provided relief when they decided to formally withdraw their efforts to make sure that Olympic Valley was incorporated. Andy and his team considered the incorporation idea to be a big threat to the business in the region and also the civic climate. Wirth and his resort had to spend thousands of dollars in the battle to ensure that the idea did not succeed. This team believed that Olympic Valley was incorporated; resident would have to pay very high taxes.

The incorporation of Olympic Valley would have been a true recipe for serious disaster. The long term effects would be a big threat to the businesses and residents, because Olympic Valley would be separated from the rest of Northern Tahoe resorts. The small businesses that depend on the resorts would also have suffered seriously.

Since his appointment to the top position in Squaw Valley Holdings on, Andy has worked very hard to make the resort one of the best destinations for tourists in the world. Apart from being the CEO of the resort, Andy is also one of the main contributors especially to the environmental and community services in Lake Tahoe region. His major focus is to improve the region for everyone, regardless of their age.

Not long ago, Wirth had an almost fatal skydiving accident. His arm was seriously injured, and he spends many months in the hospital. After several surgeries, his arm was restored, and that’s when he started an Ironman Team known as Wounded Warrior Support. 

State Agency Says Olympic Valley Incorporation Not Feasible

When a group Olympic Valley, California residents decided to start a petition to incorporate the community, property owners and local businesspersons immediately began debating the issue. Those in favor of incorporation wanted to turn Olympic Valley into a town, so the community could govern itself by electing a town council.

Proponents of Olympic Valley’s incorporation spend thousands of dollars to back the proposal, while opponents spent even more money to oppose the petition. An article published through the Reno Gazette-Journal, which summarized the debate, noted that Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, spoke out against incorporation. In the end, the state’s Local Agency Formation Commission determined that Olympic Valley’s incorporation was not a fiscally sound proposal; therefore voters would not get to decide the issue.

As reported in Powder Magazine, Squaw Valley Ski Resort plans to build a gondola to connect skiers with Alpine Meadows, another ski resort owned by KSL Capital Partners, the owners of the Squaw Valley Resort. By connecting the two resorts, Andy’s plan is to make the area a preeminent destination for up to 300,000 skiers annually. Fortunately, Andy Wirth was recently appointed chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, so, according to a news release in the Sierra Sun, Wirth will have the chance to increase the number of Lake Tahoe tourists coming to ski by increasing the number of flights destined for the airport.

It’s hard to imagine that one man, who has a demanding job and serves as chairman of the airport board, can also find time to work with many community service organizations, nevertheless, Andy Wirth manages to do all of this, and more. According to Wirth’s website, he is now the CEO of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which gives him an additional way to focus on his passion; making the Lake Tahoe region a top tourist destination for winter sports.