Seeing the Benefits of Securus Technology

Anyone who has a loved one in prison knows just how difficult it can be to keep in touch with that person. If this has been a problem in your own life recently, it is very important that you look into a system like Securus. Securus has changed the lives of so many people because it allows them to video visit with their loved ones right from home simply by using a computer or laptop that they already own. It is a simple download onto your computer that you can make from the website itself and you can begin using it in a secure and safe manner right away.


The multi-state campaign that Securus has recently launched is allowing more and more prison families all across the country to become aware of the different Services they are offering. Because of the fact that Securus is a great system to use, a lot of individuals are becoming aware of this amazing system and it is allowed in prison families all over the world to keep in better touch with each other. Using Securus has been one of the best things I have done for myself and my loved ones and it is something I will never look back on because of the fact that it has changed our lives.


Changing the lives of your loved ones who happened to be behind bars can be the most amazing thing that you are able to do for them. Just keep in mind that these individuals are behind bars for most of the day and it could be a major issue for them in their lives because of the fact that it is difficult to know that this is something that benefits them as well as yourself whenever you want to make use of it.


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Securus Technologies Tells Global Tell Link To Clean Up Its Act

A Securus Technology press release stated that the Dallas-based company is on the verge of releasing some very damning information regarding its competitor Global Tel Link.

Both companies are two of the largest law enforcement technology companies in the U.S. They also contract in many other companies.

The report Securus got its hands on is part of a Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) investigation of the wrongdoings perpetrated by GTL that date back to 1998. GTL has practiced a clear pattern of fraud and malfeasance against the prison system and its clients for several years.

Securus CEO Rick Smith announced that the company will release in intervals over the next few weeks. The company is hoping that by releasing the LPSC findings, GTL will clean up its act. “What I read was absolutely astonishing,” said Smith. “We are here to perform a service to our clients. This gives a black eye to the industry.”

Some of the charges levied against GTL include fraudulent advancing of clocks, double-billing, adding services no authorized by the caller, ignoring rate caps and refusal to help callers who called customer service to get issues resolved.

LPSC officials made it clear that GTL knowingly and willfully violated laws as set forth by the Federal Communications Commission. “There was definite intent. And that was to defraud these people of all the money they could,” said a LPSC spokesperson.

According to the LPSC, individuals have been complaining about for several years. Most of the complaining was falling on deaf years, according to prison industry insider.

Individuals within the industry say they will do their best shed light on all of the wrongdoers. “We’re pretty certain GTL isn’t the only one,” said Smith. “They will dealt with eventually,” according to Smith.

Securus is committed to providing the best possible service to all of its clients. The company uses cutting-edge technology and highly-trained professionals to create the best solutions.

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