QNET Giving Opportunities to Disadvantaged Children

Heal the world make it a better place lyrics from the Michael Jackson song keeps playing in my mind on and on. What if a person was afforded the opportunity to heal the world and make it a better place? In this place and age there are not many avenues left to help the disadvantaged and the unprivileged in the society. However QNET has come up with a brilliant way in which we contribute to the betterment of the world. All it asks in return is that we comment positive thoughts which are creative and enlightening. Water is a scarce resource and can contain contaminants that may affect growth of children and also a source of fatal illnesses such as typhoid and cholera.

I know that millions of people use the social media. It is convenient and affordable to use since I can log in at the convenience of my house or mobile device. QNET has come up with this fabulous idea that involves social media and we can comment on their Facebook post. In every 500 positive comments QNET will donate a HomePure RED to Tarana which is a school for the mentally challenged students. The first phase of this exercise will run for a maximum of two weeks. We should take up the challenge and use this rare opportunity to better the world and give a young child something to smile about. If for any chance a person is unable to comment on the first two weeks of the exercise there will be a final phase which will consist of two weeks also. As per the first exercise 500 positive comments about QNET’s post will see yet another children center receives HomePure RED. The beneficiary of this second exercise will be Rashid home for the disabled in the UAE. Do not be left out comment, share and let us make a difference to this children’s lives!

The company is a sales company that deals with a variety of products used in various sectors of the economy. Among its portfolio of goods are fashion accessories, energy drinks homecare and luxury goods. Using a diverse network of agents and offices spread throughout the globe the company has come to be recognized among the top suppliers of consumer goods in the world. It is recognized globally as witnessed in the Sydney Olympics Games 2000, Athens Olympic Games 2004 and the Beijing Olympics 2008 where it distributed commemorative coins.
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