Sergio Cortes and His Long Love for Impersonating MJ

Sergio Cortes has been aware of the genius of Michael Jackson for most of his life. He has not been able to remember a time where Jackson was not part of his life. The Jackson 5 was performing when Sergio was a child, and people were in awe of the younger brother Michael. He stood out as a natural leader so no one was surprised to see him getting into a solo career as he became an adult. Sergio was always mindful of what Jackson was doing, but he never would have guessed that he would become the ultimate MJ impersonator.

According to R7, Sergio has had a the MJ look for a long time. He was getting paid to simply dress as the King of Pop. Now he is singing and dancing on stage in full Michael Jackson wardrobe. This is not a coincidence. Sergio moves like he was destined to do this. He is such a prolific performer. One may have assumed that they were seeing Jackson when he was alive even if they were watching Sergio. This is just how good the illusion is. It takes the hard work that one might imagine when they think of a Michael Jackson performer, but Sergio doesn’t mind. He has a love for the music and the dance moves of MJ. That is the main reason that he does all of this. There is a passion that he has for this.

It seems like Sergio is always practicing, but that is just the way it goes for an entertaining show like the one that he puts on. Sergio manages to give people a wide range of MJ hits. He defines Michael on stage in a way that few people can. He is channeling an MJ spirit effortlessly. There are some high pace dance moves that have become things that people look for.

What most people don’t realize is that Jackson scored many of his biggest hits when he was under 30 years old. He had the energy and the ability to dance non-stop. As he got older he would become less inclined to combine so many large dance numbers and his song selection would change.

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