Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez facilitating the success of Tidal

Desiree (Dez) Perez serves as the executive of Tidal, a music streaming service. Ever since Desiree moved up the power ladder at the firm, she had been employing tremendous effort to propagate the company’s success. Tidal is a business endeavor of rap star and R & B artist Jay-Z. Jay-Z realized that it would not be easy to make Tidal a success, but he was up to the task and missioned to make it possible. Though some of the company’s executives had stepped down, Jay-Z found Desiree Perez. Perez comprehended that she had to first create interest in the music streaming service before later fine-tuning the content and presentation.  Check on


Desiree Perez has been instrumental in Tidal’s new strategy, and she has assisted the firm and the owner to finalize a number of contracts worth millions and millions of dollars. Perez has also played a pivotal role in rolling out the Roc contracts and has facilitated business growth. Desiree Perez has guided the Tidal streaming services to success as well as efficiently leading the way for other bountiful endeavors in the future for the company. Desiree Perez features a vast experience in the music and music streaming industries, and she leverages her experience to set the standards in Tidal, which are up and in line with the industry standards.


Currently, Tidal has managed to streamline its services and has as such attracted extensive interests, all which are attributable to the capabilities and strategies of Desiree Perez. After bringing robust interest to the music streaming service, Desiree Perez has since embarked on ameliorating the content through strategized fine-tuning and attractive presentation on the platform. From the reliable and efficient strategies, which Desiree Perez has employed in her management of the Tidal streaming service, the service has managed to make a sustainably strong comeback in the music industry and market. It has, as a result, gained significant growth and substantially witnessed increased number of subscribers to the service. Desiree Perez has and continues to incorporate reliable technology and strategies to foster Tidal’s success. Hit this and read more.

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