The Austin Modelling Scene Ploughed By the Brown Modelling Agency.

It is a difficult thing for two competing giants in the same State or town to come to terms, let alone make love babies. The main reason why derbies are always so enjoyable is the animosity that the competition brings. The Wilhelmina Brown and the Heyman Talent South have been such competitors for a long time, and the fact that none cast the other into oblivion meant that each had unique and indispensable traits. They were both powerful and efficient enough to dominate other modeling agencies in the state, and unique enough to survive each other’s domination, but reserved enough to only linger as a state affair instead of a national one. However, when these two powerhouses decided to merge their strengths, the whole Austin modeling and acting landscape changed. With the merger, the Brown Agency was born.

Important to note, 35-year-old Mr. Brown emerged as the head of the newly formed talent powerhouse after the merger. The aggressive show business mogul was the owner of the Wilhelmina Brown and his sheer will to dominate in the industry had been evident much before the merger. As the strongest act of domination yet, the merger cast Mr. Brown to an even brighter spotlight, one he has always aspired to share with the vivacious talents of Austin.

The Brown Agency is a modeling agency that also manages commercial talent. It was introduced to the people of Austin back in 2010. The agency has been a big blessing to not only the talents of Austin but the commercial world of the whole United States. It revamped the attitudes and methods employed by Austin folks in modeling and acting. The Brown Agency single-handedly, but with the push of some little competition, raised the market standards of the fashion and acting industry in Austin, elevating it from a local sideshow to a national goldmine.

The top management reflects on what had been going on before the merger that brought Austin models and actors the Brown Agency. Because the young talents have been afforded various opportunities to develop via training and by benefiting from other professional services and material providence, the Brown agency has had a positive impact on the Austin multitudes. Through the agency’s development and placement strategy, these talents have worked with the biggest brands in the world. A few of the many brands the Brown Agency has liaised with include;

  • Louis Vuitton,
  • Dell,
  • Toyota,
  • Loreal
  • Austin Fashion Week,
  • Dallas Fashion Week,
  • New York Fashion Week,
  • Miami Swim Week

The agency has been so effective in the way it spots talent, develops it and places it that it is always willing to stake its earnings on it. The confidence exudes so much that it earns from the raw talent it polishes and sells from commissions. The jobs that earn revenue for the Brown Agency via commissions include modeling jobs, video and television gigs, union jobs, and film.

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