How Vincent Parascandola steered the Growth of AXA

Vincent Parascandola is a professional who serves as Senior Executive Deputy President at AXA Advisors. He has experience of over three decades in the insurance business. This background enabled Vincent Parascandola to lead the company to success in the harsh insurance market. AXA now offers a variety of services through several subsidiaries. These branches have dominated several international markets making AXA a global brand. They offer competitive products and services which saw the company grow by 14% in the last decade.

Humble Beginnings

AXA was first founded in France 200 years ago. The company, which was named Mutuelle de L’assurance at that time, expanded operations to several European countries before getting into the international market. AXA was able to get into the United States market by acquiring Equitable Company. After the purchase, the company rebranded to AXA equitable.

Philanthropic activities

AXA equitable has several programs targeted at improving the lives of disadvantaged people in the society. The organization offers educational scholarships to teenagers and young adults in the United States. AXA also funds research that is geared towards uncovering and preventing risks faced by the humans and the environment. These studies are carried out in a variety of nations with researches based in over forty countries. In recognition of the efforts of the research organizations, AXA awarded several research bodies such as University of Bristol, INSERM, IHES and HEC Paris.

Where It All Began

Vincent is a business graduate of Pace University. He has gained a lot of experience working for several companies, including MONY Group where he served in different capacities, such as vice president, financial professional, and sales manager. Vincent was also an agent at Prudential Insurance for two years and a system analyst for Irvine Trust Company for the same duration of time. At this time, Vincent garnered important management and business skills. He has extensive knowledge in financial services, asset management, retirement planning and life insurance.


Parascandola is an asset to AXA equitable. He has won several awards in recognition of his exemplary leadership skills. The business leader also receives many invitations to speak at industry conferences. With such a man at the helm, AXA’S future is bright.