Shea In Your Own Way With Shea Butter


Everyone knows that shea butter is good for their skin, especially on those dry winter months, but did you know that shea butter is also very beneficial for your hair?! Shea butter is a natural emollient, it softens your skin naturally, and it is extracted from the nut of a shea tree, found in Africa. Even though you can find shea butter in many forms, you are best off if you get it in its unrefined organic form.

Because of how great shea butter is for your skin, including your scalp, this makes it great for your hair, as well. Shea butter has a ton of different vitamins packed into it. Among these vitamins is vitamin E; this helps protect your skin, including your scalp, from getting dry. Shea butter also contains antioxidant properties, which are extremely beneficial for your hair. The antioxidants help encourage blood flow to happen, which in turn helps to stimulate your hair to grow. Shea butter also contains anti-inflammatory properties. These properties will help not only heal your scalp but also protect it from bacteria as well as skin conditions.


On top of all of the ways shea butter can benefit the overall health of your hair, you can also use it for beautifying purposes. Shea butter has the ability to moisturize your hair as well as detangle all of those pesky knots! You can also use shea butter as a curling cream, or even to protect your hair from the damaging effects of heated straighteners or curlers. Shea butter is the perfect addition to your daily routine,


EuGenia Shea can help you achieve your beauty goals with their shea butter moisturizers, which contain 95% shea butter. In Greek, EuGenia means the origin of goodness, and that is just what EuGenia Shea is about! They are family run and dedicated to giving you all natural moisturizers.


EuGenia Shea has connections with Ghana as well as the shea butter industry at large. This allows them to be able to produce the highest quality shea butter around! The high quality and concentration of their products help you receive all of the benefits that shea butter has to offer.

Markus Rothkranz 3 Pillars For Keeping sickness And Aging At Bay

Spicy Thai Cabbage- a FUN Markus Rothkranz recipe

Markus Rothkranz is an established health expert, author, motivational speaker, artist, and film director. His insightful health lessons have made many people across the globe maintain balanced, healthy lifestyles with no sickness and minimal aging.

Markus suggests that the best change you can do to improve your health is by embracing raw foods as opposed to cooking or processing your food. Heat kills the beneficial enzymes in your food. In the whole planet, its only man that cooks his food, and the same is faced with endless chains of sicknesses and diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. It doesn’t help to be simply a vegetarian since many vegetarians still take bread and pasta, and cereals; which are all dead foods, according to Markus.

10 Questions with Markus Rothkranz

Eat Raw Foods
Markus Rothkranz advocates for eating foods in their natural form. Some cultures in the world live healthy lives for over 120 years and still look vigorous and healthy. They don’t take a lot of meat; they exercise a lot by walking several miles a day; get a lot of fresh air, mainly in forested areas, and enjoy adequate sunlight.

Markus also challenges people taking their time to eat right and exercise, yet continue to eat dead(cooked) foods. Your body remains toxic from paints, plastic containers, upholstery, electronic fumes, etc. He suggests that after living poorly for years, it’s time to flush out the toxins, after which you can stop taking sugar, cheese, milk, and anything made from flour. Tap water also contains a lot of chlorine, not helpful for your body.

Markus shares his three pillars for an entirely healthy body free from sickness and premature aging. Here are the cornerstones:

The power of love
Love is a critical component of any human. Without love, we are emotionally dead. Many people, unfortunately, experience biased or conditional love. People love you because of something you do to them. Some love is based on what you see, but it’s quite obvious you can’t see through the thought and emotions.

Love is quite magical; it heals the deepest wounds and can never be destroyed over time or with situations. Once you feel it in your heart, you begin to enter the parallel universe of absolute beauty and appreciation. It brings real peace, and everyone can see it. That the secret to a bright radiant skin and body that knows no aging.

Easy fast awesome non-dairy healthy raw food CRACKERS and CHEESE

Money is not relative to success, but it offers you the freedom to do anything you desire, go anywhere you want, anytime. Studies have shown that the number one cause of stress and depression is the lack of money. With adequate financial security, you can achieve over 90% of your life’s needs. The duty of a man is to be successful and also help other. When you achieve that, you will enjoy total peace with yourself and live a longer healthier life.

Markus advises that true health doesn’t come from what we take and do. It comes more from stopping the wrong things we are doing that cause the problem. It’s not enough to eat right but to say goodbye to every negative lifestyle and pursue the path we were destined for.

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Markus Rothkranz Talks About When To Take Enzymes

Health and wellness expert Markus Rothkranz has a few things to talk about in a recent video of his on the subject of enzymes. In the video, he states that in previous informative videos he said that it is perfectly fine to take supplementary enzymes, and that it would be very beneficial. Now, in this video, he is expanding on the idea and providing more information.

The use of enzymes is certainly beneficial, but only in certain situations. Those situations are if you are trying to gain weight for whatever reason. Whether that reason be for bodybuilding purposes, or if you are simply too skinny and need the extra weight. If either of those situations apply to you, than taking a controlled amount of enzymes is of great benefit. This is because the enzymes help break down the food into nutrients and allows your body to absorb it more effectively.

However, by the same token, if you are trying to lose weight, then taking enzymes can be detrimental. The same properties that make them beneficial for weight gain make them unfavorable for weight loss. So if you want to drop some pounds, steer clear of enzymes.

Although he gives situations where you should and should not be taking enzymes, Rothkranz continues to educate viewers about how enzymes should not be needed at all. Since the body produces enzymes naturally with a raw, vegan diet, taking extra could make your body unable to produce its own, so taking them for a prolonged period should not be done.

In addition to talking about the benefits and use of enzymes, he talks about your body’s methods of breaking down food, focusing on naturally produced enzymes and what he calls “gut flora”, which is beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. These bacteria eat fiber present in natural vegan foods, and allows them to not only strengthen your immune system, but also help break down food, allowing your body to properly absorb the nutrients. For this reason, if you eat properly, the only real reason to take enzymes is for large scale weight gain.

Healthy By The Markus Rothkranz Example

In the video, Raising a Healthy Child, with Cara Brotman, featured on Markus Rothkranz YouTube channel, Cara explains her methods for not only offering children a healthy diet, but helping them want a healthy diet. In the video Cara shows a clip from a home movie where her son, at a very young age, tells her he wants a drink, and his drink of choice was prune juice. Cara proceeds to explain the kinds of foods that were incorporated in their diet, and those that were left out. She specifically explains that her grocery purchases were 95% produce and that they didn’t have soda in the house. Her son is featured in the video sharing his appreciation for his mother’s example and the choices she made in raising him. He explains that not only did their diet contribute to his health, but family activities such as rollerblading and exercising. For a while, her son, like most teenagers, rebelled against his mother’s strictly healthy lifestyle, but once he realised that the lifestyle he had switched to was making him sick and in pain, he knew that his mother’s choices for their family had been what was best for them, and he decided to make the switch back to a more natural diet. In the video her son also explains that he is not only eating healthy, but he is specifically using the Markus formula now, like his mother. Clearly Cara’s son has been blessed to have a mother who provided such a healthy lifestyle and example for her child.