InnovaCare Health Solutions Has Reinforced its Management Team by adding Three Talented Officials

Located in New Jersey, InnovaCare Health Solutions is a pioneer in Medicare Advantage Programs and revolutionary physician practice services. The firm seeks to resolve evolving challenges in the health management sector. The managed care hub has streamlined its leadership team by hiring top talents in the industry. The company concentrates on achieving healthier outcomes by creating strong relationships between patients and physicians.

Why does InnovaCare excel in the provision of managed care services?

InnovaCare develops solutions that focus on improving the lives of patients. This managed care provider aims at achieving quality medical care in everything it does. The firm’s team of experienced health managers is in charge of managing innovative medical networks and practices. InnovaCare holds its stakeholders accountable to a high level of quality and accountability.

Management team

Dr. Richard Shinto recently announced the addition of three key talents into the InnovaCare’s management team. Each of the new officials brings a deep background and exceptional skill set to the institution. Dr. Shinto is the M.D. and president of InnovaCare.

Jonathan Meyers

Meyers is the new chief actuary officer of the firm. Before joining the executive team of InnovaCare Health Solutions, Meyers was a senior employee at Horizon BCBS in charge of Medicaid and Medicare department.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope has served in the managed care sector for the past 20 years. She has managed government programs, created health care operations, and clinical programs. She has shown lots of commitment in developing efficient and sustainable organizational infrastructure. Penelope has offered her expertise to leading managed care companies, including Aveta, AmeriChoice, Centerlight Healthcare, and UnitedHealth Group.

Mike Sortino

Sortino handles accounting matters at InnovaCare. He has held accounting positions at Samsung Fire & Marie Insurance, Houston Casualty Company, and HCC Specialty. He has been in reinsurance and insurance sector for over two decades and public accounting for more than five years.

Dr. Richard Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto collaborates with other top executives at InnovaCare to develop and implement the organization’s growth strategies. He is a leader in the management of clinical programs and provision of managed care solutions. At the commencement of his medical career, Dr. Shinto was a pulmonologist practitioner at a health facility in Southern Carolina. He has worked as a CMO for companies like Medical Pathways Management Company and Cal Optima Health Plan. Dr. Shinto has published several reviews and articles that discuss healthcare management and clinical medicine extensively. Read more about Rick on Businesswire

Dr. Waldren’s Road to Successful Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Waldren has been recognized by her peers and the medical community as innovative and “one of the best.” Dr. Waldren is a rare doctor in her male-dominated field. Not many women pursue the field of aesthetic surgery, she has sought this tough field and joined the professional organization to make advancements and changes. She has professional career milestones and now she has two beautiful twin sons. She has made media appearances and published books and articles. Dr. Waldren has everything she wanted and for which she worked hard.


 Dr. Jennifer Waldren credits her intelligence, talent, and hard work. Her education and hard work aside, Dr. Waldren has the personality to make her patients feel comfortable and assured. She is warm, caring, and empathetic. Her life experiences, like pregnancy, helps her to relate to her patients. Most aesthetic surgery patients are women, so she can make you feel comfortable.


She has had a stellar education, training, and career. Receiving both degrees from Texas, Dr. Waldren moved to fiercely competitive Manhattan to complete her fellowship and built a successful practice. When she decided that she wanted a family, she moved back to Austin to be around her support system.


 Dr. Jennifer Waldren has been destined to be a doctor from early on. Her parents have deep roots in the medical field, and she has seen firsthand how to care for people from them. As a woman, she strived to be the best in her field. She received her education in Texas and moved to New York to complete her fellowship. The awards and recognition she has received shows her dedication.


Dental Sleep Program and Philanthropist Remains Top in the List of Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep disturbed by breathing is becoming a common problem among many people who don’t even know where to seek medication for the sleep disorder. The sleep disorder is now being associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, chronic heart failure, anxiety, and depression. The Dental Sleep Master’s program was responsible for identifying the problems in the existing model and now has provided the necessary solutions to all these issues.


The new model creates a positive environment for the PCP and the care physicians for the certified sleep physicians. The new model has also created an improved, tested and vetted model that assures patient compliance to treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been trying to focus on patient care by proving unlimited opportunities for the medical community. The dentist across the country have chosen to join the team, and they are treating more patients more efficiently than ever.


The Dental Sleep Master program is combining both the clinical support and high-level education with an innovative business model that will transform your practice. The program not only provides a unique business model, but also it offers a coaching program to ensure a successful implementation. All those interested to be involved in learning about how to treat the sleep patients can do so the Dental Master Program website.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel recent launched the GoFundMe campaign to support Operation Smile and its operations. He contributed $2000 to support the campaign and said that it was an initiative that will help Operation Smile reach the target number of children who needs the surgical procedures. Operation Smile is an international charity organization that provides children with free surgical procedures mainly on deformities affecting the face. Some of the deformities and diseases include facial deformities, cleft palate, and cleft lips.


According to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, he decided to contribute to the Operation Smile Foundation because his passions and background led him to do so. He said that the decision to select Operation Smile as the beneficiary to create various surgical care models was because children deserve the best care available as if they were all ours.

Most common facial cleansing & exfoliation products

One often overlooked step while bathing/cleansing is that of exfoliation. Exfoliation removes excess dirt, oils, and dead skin which can led to pore blockage and unfavorable skin appearance and condition. The most frequently used methods of exfoliation are:


Manual scrubs are classic, affordable, and simple products which provide exfoliation to the skin. Manual scrubs generally consist of micro beaded products or “sugar” scrubs. Sugar scrubs contain granules of sugar which act as an abrasive, yet gentle, facial exfoliate. Manual scrubs can often be made at home and are often used in the shower.


Chemical exfoliants contain chemicals called AHAs and BHAs that gently “melt” dead skin, dirt, and debris away. These products are similar to salon grade “acid peels” but do not contain nearly as much of the active chemicals. Chemical exfoliants can led to itchy or irritated skin and are often found as gels, lotions, or creams.


Peeling gels are most commonly used in Japan and are the stereotypical “mask” product seen on the market. A gel is applied to the skin, allowed to harden, then is peeled from the skin, which removes dead skin or dirt/debris stuck in pores.


Face towels are simply just a rougher textured towel used to exfoliate dirt and dead skin. Remember to always keep your face towels washed, cleaned, and properly dried to prevent buildup of dirt and oils on the towel.


The Konjac Sponge is made from the konjac vegetable; it features a soft texture that removes dirt, oil, and dead skin but doesn’t strip away too much of the natural skin layer. Konjac Sponges are easy to carry and relatively cheap.

Australian makeup and skincare channel “Wengie” offers in depth reviews of the above mentioned exfoliation products; in addition to, helpful tips and tricks regarding beauty and skincare. Wengie prides itself in being the “#1 Asian Beauty Channel in Australia”, and claims over 185,000 visitors to its website on a monthly basis.
Wengie currently features articles on makeup application, hair styling, fashion/style, and a few topics regarding diet/exercise. Wengie can also be found on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be sure to check out Wengie’s website for awesome weekly beauty product giveaways!


Learn more about Wengie:

Dr. Walden Honored by Austin MD Magazine

Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas was just featured in Austin MD magazine for her incredible success in the field of plastic surgery. She was also recently named one of the 24 top best cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. by Harper’s Bazaar magazine in April 2014. While Dr. Walden has hometown roots in Texas, she moved away to study in New York City before ultimately coming home to start a new practice. With a busy personal and professional life, Dr. Walden is the picture of success and serves as an impressive role model for young women and anyone looking to enter the medical field. Dr. Walden is a mother to two boys and relies on her family in Texas for a wonderful support network. In fact, it was the birth of her two boys that made the decision to come home that much easier for Dr. Walden.

Dr. Walden was born in Austin, Texas in 1971. Her parents were a dentist and a surgical nurse, which helped to spark her interest in the medical field. After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Dr. Walden the University of Texas Medical Branch for medical school. Even though Dr. Walden was originally placed on the wait list as an applicant to the university, she ended up persevering and graduating second in her class. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Walden moved to New York City to work at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for a fellowship. It was in December 2011 that Dr. Walden returned to Austin, Texas to launch her own practice and branch out as a self-made professional.

Dr. Walden is widely recognized for being leading cosmetic surgeon, which has resulted in numerous professional awards and prestigious appointments for her. For example, Dr. Walden received an exclusive invitation to serve on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is frequently consulted for her perspective on developments and trends in the field of plastic surgery and is respected for her consistent attention to detail and extreme precision in her work.


Learn more about Dr. Jennifer Walden:

Neglected Tropical Diseases Have A Huge Impact On Brazil’s Growing Population According To Medical Advisor Doctor Sergio Cortes

Neglected tropical diseases are defined as a diverse group of contagious diseases that affect the lives of people living in tropical and subtropical environments. There are 149 countries that fall into those two categories. More than a billion people are infected with contagious diseases every year. The cost of treating neglected tropical diseases is billions of dollars, according to the former Medical Director of State Health Ministry in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes has been on the front lines of several of those neglected tropical diseases in the North and Northeastern regions of Brazil. Dr. Cortes believes Brazil is trying to eradicate some of those diseases, but due to the complexity that exists in the eradication process, it’s a slow endeavor.

People living in the poor areas of Brazil are most affected by neglected tropical diseases, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes website. Thousands of Brazilians are still infected with dengue and chikungunya in cities like Recife, Rio, Sao Paulo and Salvador every year. There isn’t a vaccine for dengue, but a Dr. Cortes tweet said a dengue vaccine is in the testing stage.

Dr. Cortes left his position as medical director of Rio’s Ministry of Health in 2013, according to He became the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. But Dr. Cortes is still involved in finding ways to eradicate the neglected tropical diseases that are spread by mosquitoes. The quest to eradicate mosquito-borne diseases in areas where there is an abundance of domestic animals, livestock and unsanitary conditions is a monumental task. Dr. Corte recently told that several public health approaches have been put in place by Brazil’s Ministry of Health. Brazil wants to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito across the country, and that is an expensive and time related challenge.

The World Health Organization is also working on eradicating neglected tropical diseases in Brazil, and in the other 148 countries that are impacted by mosquito-borne illnesses. Dr. Cortes posted an article on his LinkedIn page that explains the World Health Organization’s goals of eliminating neglected tropical diseases. In 2013, the WHO adopted a resolution that calls for countries to intensify eradication programs and establish measures that can control the spread of diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria. According to Dr. Cortes, the Zika virus was not on the list at that time, but it is now.

Sanjay Shah: Using Wealth For Good

Sanjay Shah was born in London to immigrant parents. Shah’s parents had immigrated from Kenya when the British gave Kenya their independence. Shah decided he wanted to pursue medicine so he decided to study at King’s College in London. After taking several medical classes, Shah found out that medicine was not for him. He switched to accounting. During his college days, one of Shah’s favorite activities was DJing at clubs around London. After graduation Shah put his DJing career on hold and went to work for KPMG as a trainee chartered accountant. He then worked for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette, Credit Suisse, ING Bank and Rabobank. Shah worked in every position from the synthetic prime brokerage desk to the securities finance desk.

After Shah was fired, he decided not to look for another job. He did not like the hours of working in an investment job and he very much disliked the long commute from home to work and back every day. Shah made the decision to start his own investment firm. He called it Solo Capital. They started out very small, with only Shah, some graduates and a few traders. The firm was officially incorporated in 2011, with headquarters in London. The firm is regulated by the United Kingdom. Within several years, Solo Capital had become a well known firm. As of March 2015, the firm had a cash flow of over 30 million dollars, assets worth more can 67 million dollars and a net worth of over 15 million dollars.

The investment firm specializes in 3 unique areas. The first area is proprietary trading. Within this division, the firm offers services like commodities, FX and derivatives. The second division is consulting. Within this area, the firm offers services such as performance, human capital and investment. The third division is professional sports or boutique investment. In this area, the firm offers services like commercial advisory and representation, asset and performance management, and talent acquisition. The firm is controlled by Solo Group Holdings, of Sanjay Shah, which is controlled by Aesa S.a.r.l.

He has companies in The Cayman Islands, Malta, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, The British Virgin Islands and The United Kingdom. Shah has a net worth of 280 million dollars as of the beginning of 2016. Shah has taken a step back from Solo Capital and he is now pursuing both philanthropic and business interests in the music industry.

Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes Speaks About The Floods in Xerem

The State Secretary of Health in Brazil is Dr. Sergio Cortes. He was in Xerem on Sunday morning, in, Duque de Caxias. Here, he was surveying the areas that have been affected by the floods many floods that took this week. He was also looking closely at the main shelters where they have many people who have been taking in the local municipal population that has been most affected by such floods. The State Government in this part of the nation has started an important a Dengue Hydration Center that is located at the health center of Xerém. This has been in operation for some time. Visitors here will find there are twelve chairs that are intended for hydration. They will also find that it has the capacity to serve about people each day.

As reported in Extra, Cortes has been doing his best along with his colleagues to help provide the kind of services that people in this region need as a result of the problems they have had with flooding another issues here. The measures that are being taken in this part of Brazil are intended to do multiple things including help provide aid for those living here who may be unable to return home because of the problems the flooding.

His viewpoint here is that much needs to be done as well in the immediate future in order to help provide residents in the area with access to clean drinking water and avoid the outbreak of possible other issues including the potential outbreak of diseases that may linger in the region because of the floods. He and his fellow health officials are aiming to institute measures to help control diseases in this area and to assist residents who may be seeking shelter as a result of the flooding problems.

Dr. Cortes is a highly trained regional doctor with many years of experience in the field of medicine. In his role as one of the nation’s senior leading health officials, he has also rushed to help area residents get access to services of other kinds such as shelter and water that has been purified.

Steady Rocking to Find a Cure for Autism

A recent article in The New York Times left many readers talking about autism and wondering whether it can be cured. The matter of a cure resonates with everyone, but it hits hardest families with young children diagnosed with the disease.

Autism is a debilitating mental condition that is the result of complex disorders in brain development. It is present at birth and early childhood. The disorders are characterized by difficulty in verbal and nonverbal communication, difficulty with social interactions, and repetitive behavior. Autism affects over 3 million American children and millions of children worldwide.

Sanjay Shah is the father of an autistic child. He is also a billionaire philanthropist who has turned his love for music and his compassion for his son into a charitable giant that raises research money to find a cure.

Autism Rocks is the name of the charity; Solo Capital is the face behind it. The charity’s objective is to find methods of identifying as early as possible those who have a genetic propensity for autism. The charity also focuses on evaluation, intervention, and providing lifetime support for those living with the disorder.

This charity is unique as a fundraiser. It is a global concert series that features musical icons from every genre in concerts held in London and Dubai. Shay who lives in Dubai sees it as a perfect locale because the rich and famous travel to other parts of the world from here.

Shay credits an unexpected visit from hip hop legend Snoop Dogg as the impetus for Autism Rock. That impromptu concert and others like it featuring Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, and Prince in locations all over the world has netted millions of dollars for the cause in a relatively short time. Shay has used his business acumen, his relationship with some of the biggest names in the business, and his good name to put together concerts many of them on the strength of his word.

Sergio Cortes Travels to Xerem To Help Prepare For Health Risks From Flooding

Sergio Cortes, the State Secretary of Health, spent Sunday morning in the area of Duque de Caxias to take a closer look at the flood damage in Xerem. The news was reported in an article published by Extra, which explained that Cortes wants to look at the areas that suffered badly from the floods and take a closer look at the shelters that are taking care of the population in the aftermath.

Xerem also happens to be the location of the Dengue Hydration Center which has been open since Sunday and has 12 chairs designated to help hydrate people in need. It can serve up to 300 people on a daily basis.

Sergio Cortes commented that they are preparing for the worst case scenario to make sure they can help everyone in need, but they are hopeful that the situation will not turn out to be as bad as predicted. He explained that to this end the Department of Health has set up the center as a preventative action. He also commented that there is a great deal of garbage built up in the city and this means that there is a higher change of dengue mosquitoes becoming an issue.

Sergio Cortes has a great deal of experience and has worked in all fields of both public and private health service as can be easily seen by anyone who follows him on LinkedIn.
He spends a great deal of time helping to inform the public about how they can remain healthy and even blogs on his own website helpful tips.

To further aid his efforts the municipal health secretary, Camillo Junqueira, along with the National Health Force in Medconca have agreed to send another calamity kit to Caxias and to deliver another 3000 tablets that can be used to quickly intervene with anyone diagnosed or suspected to be carrying leptospirosis.

The main goal of all measures that Sergio Cortes and the State Department of Health are taking is to prevent many diseases that are common when water gets contaminated in the region. For more information about Cortes check out his Twitter.