Chopper Trading’s Sponsorship of the Annual PAWS Fur Ball

Sponsoring events is one of the best ways for a company to achieve publicity. A company’s image even gets better when the event being sponsored promotes a good cause.

Chopper Trading decided to demonstrate their support for community and their stand on promoting animal rights by sponsoring the annual PAWS fur ball. Through the efforts of Raj Fernando, its former chief executive officer, Chopper Trading was able to earn an invitation to be one of the sponsors of the event.

Raj Fernando said in a blog release that helping to build and develop a community that does not support the killing of cats and dogs is one of the most favorite ways for him to give back to community. The former CEO founder and of Chopper Trading has remained very supportive of the communities that supported his endeavors for years.

The annual event is held at Drake Hotel, located in Chicago. The event hosts dogs and cats that are dressed in black ties. Mr. Fernando acknowledged that the event was one of a kind where animals were treated in a humane manner.

The dogs get to enjoy a buffet dinner, a complimentary spa service, and the best pet-sitting gear. Their owners enjoy dancing and live entertainment. The event also includes a dog communicator that often spark a lot of interest from the crowd.

PAWS hold various auctions to raise funds needed to keep the organization running smoothly. The prizes in the events are innovative and attractive to the audience. Those prizes include ski trips and tours on the best golf greens in USA.

The event captures the attention of many people including well-known individuals and famous musicians like Billy Corgan. Mr. Fernando described the event as a successful fundraiser and one of his most favorite events of the year.

Raj Fernando founded Chopper Trading in 2002 after serving on the Chicago board of trade for ten years. He previously worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he served in various managerial positions.

Raj is an economics and history degree holder from Beloit College. He also studied at University College of London. He currently serves as the CEO of as well as being a board member of several high-profile institutions.

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