Don Ressler’s Work in the Fashion Industry

Don Ressler is a born businessman. He is an entrepreneur who began involving himself in fashion at a tender age. He is one of the best when it comes to the fashion industry. Growing up, he learned how to make new styles that would appeal the fashion world thus developing his skills. Every day fashion keeps growing as well as trending, Ressler through experience is always attentive on any trends so that he could still lead in the fashion world. Some of the fashion organizations that he has led and has brought so much prosperity are; FitnessHeaven, JustFab and IntelligentBeauty. Don Ressler is the CEO of Fabletics as well as the co-CE of JustFab, being a leader in these organizations has made him famous in e-commerce.

His first company where he was part of is, the company became a success and was later on bought by Intermix Media on He then met his now long-time partner, Adam Goldenberg who also has a high sense of fashion. The two experts are the CEOs of JustFab. The organization is now known as TechStyle Fashion Group. The firm has so far developed to a good level in the industry and as a result bringing in better profit. The company’s products include shoes, jewelry, handbags and denim, these outfits are also trending a factor that they take care of. Furthermore JustFab has an online podium allowing clients to buy products in a fast and better way.

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The companies that have collaborated with JustFab to bring the best out of fashion are; Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. The earning f the firm has also significantly risen thus showing a good development. Their success made them receive $3 million from Matrix Partners and from the same organization they again got $76 million on Technology Crossover Venture and IntelligentBeauty are the other firms that paid JustFab and moreover they got $49 million from FabKids.

Don Ressler joined Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson and together they launched Fabletics another amazing fashion company. The firm is unique because in the sense that their products are only for athletes. It is also an online company. They have all products required for an athlete and they are at a friendly price. Kate Hudson is not only an entrepreneur but also an athlete and a style professional, she has helped in the development of the company to a higher level. Don Ressler together with his team are happy with the company’s progress.

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Fabletics Takes the Lead Against Amazon

Fabletics is the hottest and newest thing for women that are looking for a fitness gear. This has become the company that has risen up in the ranks of online athleisure brands. It has become a very important company to many women that are trying to get a workout wardrobe that is comfortable enough to wear anywhere.


In the beginning it was unclear if this was a concept that people would embrace, but Kate Hudson has made it work. She has shown many women with her outfit line up that there is more to life than just gym clothes. She has active wear, leggings, swimwear and clothing for the yoga enthusiasts. She has a large selection of garments that are designed to help women that want to be comfortable but still stay in style. This is what she uses to motivate women that are interested in working out. The large part of her appeal is her celebrity status. This is something that helps her compete with Amazon because there are no Amazon celebrity endorsements. In all honesty, Amazon has never needed any type of celebrity endorsement. This company has been able to thrive well because it sells a variety of different products online. Kate Hudson has been able to become dominant in the clothing industry because she uses her celebrity appeal and the appeal of other celebrity friends.


Women that want to look like their favorite celebrities are going to take notice of what Kate Hudson is doing. She has thrived where males are typically dominant when it comes to ownership in companies. She is still under 40, and she has more than 40 million as her net worth. She is realizing that her day is in the acting world is fading because she has a greater passion to build her company. She has received Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and this shows the type of passion that she actually has for the company that she is building. Amazon has a strong presence online, but Kate Hudson definitely has a chance to compete with this company and even overshadow Amazon when it comes to fitness gear. She has this desire to build this company up because she is someone that is active in the workout community. She is not just someone that serves as a face for the brand. To the contrary, she actually has a strong desire to make this brand work because she works out. It is interesting to see how someone like this is able to connect with so many women that are looking for something new in fitness clothing. She promotes the brand through her social media, and she is ever present on the Fabletics website. These are the things that keep Kate Hudson connected with her customer base. This is something that Amazon has never really done. That may be the thing that changes the perception between Amazon and Fabletics. It can also serves as the determining factor that makes people take interest in Fabletics.