Nathaniel Ru Offers Fresh Food At Sweetgreen

Today’s increasingly health conscious consumers want food that is nutritious and delicious as well as inexpensive. Finding the right mix has been a challenge for many people in the world today. One company that has done well to help provide people with the kind of food they want to eat is that of Sweetgreen. This new company has been all about offering the kind of food that people look for when they don’t have the time to cook a meal during the day. Many busy people do not have the time to pack a lunch or a place to store it until they are ready to eat. Eating on the go may mean settling for food that is not nutritious. Those at Sweetgreen, including head Nathaniel Ru, know that there is a solution to this problem. They know that it is possible to find food when dining out that allows people to have a meal that is healthy but also quick.


Nourishing Food


The goal of the restaurant is to offer food that is satisfying as well as nutritious. This is why they spend lots of time working on ways to find the right combination of ingredients that will help offer the results people want from any fast food they serve. People in several major cities across the country have found it easy to pop inside for food they know will be just right to help them overcome the afternoon slump and get the energy they need to be able to get through the rest of their day with the right kind of calories. All the food served here is freshly made and sourced from local farms where quality is the first priority at all times.


Visionary Insights


Nathaniel Ru comes to the company with a pure sense of vision. His work in this field has been all about pushing several factors in place in order to create the ideal dining experience for all those who come here. With his help, the company has carefully examined which particular markets to enter as well as where to situate the stores they choose. His plan has always been about serving the entire neighborhood as well as just nearby lunch customers. This has allowed him to position the stores as part of the overall area instead of just a place where people who commute there can choose to go for their daily lunch.


Hippeas is a new snack that is healthy and offers a way to do some good for the Earth

livio hippeas green park


Hippeas is a new organic healthy chickpea snack that claims that it is “good for you and good for the Earth” too. Made from chickpeas, Hippeas snacks are a healthy alternative to traditional high-calorie, nutritionally bankrupt snacks. Hippeas was introduced to the market to target consumers that want snacks that are healthy. In addition, it also appeals to those consumers that care about the Planet Earth. Hippeas is a snack that anyone would be proud to pick up from the grocery shelf. The company that makes Hippeas snacks, Green Park Holdings, has partnered with Farm Africa on the Food for Good initiative to support Sub-Saharan Africa farmers become more productive and competitive. For every pack of Hippeas sold, Green Park Holdings will donate money to the Food for Good initiative. This initiative enables African chickpea farmers to grow their way out of poverty.


Livio Bisterzo, an influential Italian entrepreneur, founded Green Park Holdings, the company that makes Hippeas, back in 2015. This innovative food company is focused in the fast-growing nutrition and health markets. Its mission is to create innovative food and drinks brands that are unique from other products in both their taste and impact on the world. The company wants to prompt social and behavioral change with its line of socially-conscious snacks and drinks. Green Park’s first brand, Hippeas does just that. Health conscious as well as socially-conscious millennial consumers will find that Hippeas satisfies their need for a snack that is good for them and good for others too.


Hippeas are vegan, gluten-free and kosher. They are high in protein and fiber. In addition, these tasty snacks are low in fat, as well. Hippeas do not contain any MSG or GMO. Consumers can choose from a variety of interesting flavors, including Sriracha Sunrise, Far Out Fajita, Maple Haze, Pepper Power and Happenin’ Hickory. Hippeas are sold at select Starbucks locations across the United States. To learn more about Hippeas, check out their