Eric Lefkofsky – Transforming the Field of Cancer Research Through His Startup Tempus

Cancer has taken millions of lives globally and continues to be responsible for million more every year. The scientists, research scholars, researchers, and physicians are working hard to determine a cure to this disease that has become an international crisis in the medical field. Many of the big pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms are investing billions into the research of cancer therapies, and even though there have been positive developments taking place to control the disease to a great extent, no final cure is yet available to completely cure it different forms of cancer.

One of the major breakthroughs in the field of cancer therapies is recently provided by Tempus, a technology firm that deals in collecting, organizing, mining, and aggregating cancer-based data from various medical centers and hospitals. Tempus, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, who is widely known for his previous startup, GrouponInc, an e-commerce portal connecting consumers with merchants offering discounted deals. Groupon went on to become a huge success nationally and internationally, is presently worth well over $2 Billion.

Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference was recently held in San Diego, where Mr. Lefkofsky during his speech mentioned the importance of collecting cancer based data from various sources, organizing it in an integrated manner, and providing it as a free-flowing resource to the researchers and scientists. Eric Lefkofsky believes that when molecular, clinical, outcome response, and therapeutic data is available quickly and in an organized fashion to the researchers, the progress in the field of developing more effective cancer therapies would multiply itself enormously.

It would help in understanding clearly why some cancer therapies is effective on some patient, and why it doesn’t work as well with others. With the help of such data, physicians, oncologists, and researchers would be able to devise better cancer therapies and provide individualized treatment in correlation with the specific genome structure of different patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known serial entrepreneur and has started many other companies besides GrouponInc and Tempus, including Lightbank, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and Uptake Technologies. He is also a passionate philanthropist and is the co-founder of Lefkofsky Family Foundation that is dedicated to helping people in need and empowering local communities through high-impact initiatives.

Don Ressler’s Work in the Fashion Industry

Don Ressler is a born businessman. He is an entrepreneur who began involving himself in fashion at a tender age. He is one of the best when it comes to the fashion industry. Growing up, he learned how to make new styles that would appeal the fashion world thus developing his skills. Every day fashion keeps growing as well as trending, Ressler through experience is always attentive on any trends so that he could still lead in the fashion world. Some of the fashion organizations that he has led and has brought so much prosperity are; FitnessHeaven, JustFab and IntelligentBeauty. Don Ressler is the CEO of Fabletics as well as the co-CE of JustFab, being a leader in these organizations has made him famous in e-commerce.

His first company where he was part of is, the company became a success and was later on bought by Intermix Media on He then met his now long-time partner, Adam Goldenberg who also has a high sense of fashion. The two experts are the CEOs of JustFab. The organization is now known as TechStyle Fashion Group. The firm has so far developed to a good level in the industry and as a result bringing in better profit. The company’s products include shoes, jewelry, handbags and denim, these outfits are also trending a factor that they take care of. Furthermore JustFab has an online podium allowing clients to buy products in a fast and better way.

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The companies that have collaborated with JustFab to bring the best out of fashion are; Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. The earning f the firm has also significantly risen thus showing a good development. Their success made them receive $3 million from Matrix Partners and from the same organization they again got $76 million on Technology Crossover Venture and IntelligentBeauty are the other firms that paid JustFab and moreover they got $49 million from FabKids.

Don Ressler joined Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson and together they launched Fabletics another amazing fashion company. The firm is unique because in the sense that their products are only for athletes. It is also an online company. They have all products required for an athlete and they are at a friendly price. Kate Hudson is not only an entrepreneur but also an athlete and a style professional, she has helped in the development of the company to a higher level. Don Ressler together with his team are happy with the company’s progress.

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InnovaCare Health Solutions Has Reinforced its Management Team by adding Three Talented Officials

Located in New Jersey, InnovaCare Health Solutions is a pioneer in Medicare Advantage Programs and revolutionary physician practice services. The firm seeks to resolve evolving challenges in the health management sector. The managed care hub has streamlined its leadership team by hiring top talents in the industry. The company concentrates on achieving healthier outcomes by creating strong relationships between patients and physicians.

Why does InnovaCare excel in the provision of managed care services?

InnovaCare develops solutions that focus on improving the lives of patients. This managed care provider aims at achieving quality medical care in everything it does. The firm’s team of experienced health managers is in charge of managing innovative medical networks and practices. InnovaCare holds its stakeholders accountable to a high level of quality and accountability.

Management team

Dr. Richard Shinto recently announced the addition of three key talents into the InnovaCare’s management team. Each of the new officials brings a deep background and exceptional skill set to the institution. Dr. Shinto is the M.D. and president of InnovaCare.

Jonathan Meyers

Meyers is the new chief actuary officer of the firm. Before joining the executive team of InnovaCare Health Solutions, Meyers was a senior employee at Horizon BCBS in charge of Medicaid and Medicare department.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope has served in the managed care sector for the past 20 years. She has managed government programs, created health care operations, and clinical programs. She has shown lots of commitment in developing efficient and sustainable organizational infrastructure. Penelope has offered her expertise to leading managed care companies, including Aveta, AmeriChoice, Centerlight Healthcare, and UnitedHealth Group.

Mike Sortino

Sortino handles accounting matters at InnovaCare. He has held accounting positions at Samsung Fire & Marie Insurance, Houston Casualty Company, and HCC Specialty. He has been in reinsurance and insurance sector for over two decades and public accounting for more than five years.

Dr. Richard Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto collaborates with other top executives at InnovaCare to develop and implement the organization’s growth strategies. He is a leader in the management of clinical programs and provision of managed care solutions. At the commencement of his medical career, Dr. Shinto was a pulmonologist practitioner at a health facility in Southern Carolina. He has worked as a CMO for companies like Medical Pathways Management Company and Cal Optima Health Plan. Dr. Shinto has published several reviews and articles that discuss healthcare management and clinical medicine extensively. Read more about Rick on Businesswire

The Success of Nathaniel Ru Company Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is an American chain of restaurant that serves simple, healthy and seasonal foods. Sweetgreen was started in the year 2007 by three George Town University graduates three months after their graduation. The three friends started off as a single shop, and they were funded by 40 friends and relatives. Today Sweetgreen has a chain of 40 outlets across the country having employed about 1,700 employees. The three Sweetgreen founders are Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru.


Sweetgreen has grown to become one of the biggest restaurant chains in America today. It concentrates on providing quality delicious food to the community. Sweetgreen source organic ingredients from local farmers and partners to prepare delicious meals always. More and more customers have loved and adopted the diet, and this has kept Sweetgreen growing daily. The restaurant chain has completed a three round of venture capital which amounts to $95 million. It was one of the most successful restaurant chains starts in the United States.


When Nathaniel and his friends were still in college, they were wondering what they would do after graduation. They came up with an idea to start a small restaurant where their target customers were students. Since all of their parents were entrepreneurs, they had no issue with management and this greatly contributed to the growth of their company. Nicholas Jammet Parents owned a restaurant, and this benefited the trio with some tips of operating a restaurant and handling the food business in general.


Nathaniel Ru the current CEO and a co-founder of Sweetgreen. He studied at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007 with a BS in Finance. He has served the company as the CEO since the beginning, and his leadership has earned the company success. In 202 together with his partners, they launched Sweetlife Festival. The festival is the largest Georgetown’s biggest food and music festival. It attracts over 20,000 attendees. The event features top chefs, farmers, artists and food trucks. In the past, they have featured Kendrick Lamar and other prominent artists at the Sweetlife Festival.


Under Nathaniel Ru’s leadership, the Sweetgreen Company has received some press accolades including the Washington post, Food and Wine, USA Today, Forbes, Bloomberg, Washingtonian CNBC and CBS. The trio was also named by Forbes in top 30 under 30: Food and wine. They have worked incredibly hard, for the success of their restaurant chain across the United States.