Stephen Murray: Once in a Generation

When it comes to individuals like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, they come along but once in this great life of ours. They aren’t born on trees and they aren’t walking the earth all over the place. They are once in a generation and most of all, once in a lifetime. That is why when we learned the news that he is passed away, it was a true tragedy and incredibly sad.

Stephen Murray passed away in his early fifties, and he had so much more to offer the world, so much more to do, and so much more in his future. The possibilities were truly endless when it came to Stephen Murray.

However, upon reading information about Stephen Murray, I know this: he would not want us to mourn for too long. He would want us to move forward, honor his memory, and try to do things our own unique way with a little bit of Stephen thrown in the mix. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

That is just the kind of guy that he was. This is a man that was a private equity investor, philanthropist, president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. No matter what challenges of job titles he had, he answered them with flying colors and he took pride in the work that he did.

He was a firm believer that if you were going to do something, you should do it right. You shouldn’t do it part of the way or half way. You should be all in and committed to all of your job responsibilities and all that they entailed.

When it comes to being a philanthropist, he knew he could do a lot of good and make a difference. Again, this was not something he took lightly or something that he only did part of the way. He put his all into it, one hundred and ten percent.

Some of these might sound cliches, but trust me when I tell you, when it comes to Stephen Murray, they were a way of life, each and every single day. He rarely took days off, he was the first one to enter the office, and the last one to leave. He worked hard up until he passed away.

Quite frankly, he didn’t know any other way. It was in his blood and in his fiber. He believed that with hard work and dedication, you could achieve anything you set your mind to in this life.

The Career Of Stephen Murray With CCMP

Stephen Murray had been responsible for a very well known and successful financial company, CCMP Capital. This company manages a very wide array of different businesses. During his leadership of the company, he worked very hard to foster the growth of CCMP Capital.

In addition to helping run CCMP Capital, he worked with the management of the companies that CCMP runs. He also helped the company to be formed, in the first place. However, the company that formed into CCMP Capital was not always called that. Instead, there were other names that were given to the company.

However, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was also part of the running of these firms. Unfortunately, Stephen Murray is no longer working with CCMP Capital, due to having met an untimely death.

In fact, he died of a sudden illness, during his early 50s. However, Stephen Murray was an integral part of running CCMP Capital up until a mere month prior to when he passed away.

When Stephen Murray first began working in the business world, he worked for a company, called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This institution was a bank holding company, and he worked up through the ranks of this firm.

Manufacturers Hanover Corporation began changing into companies with different names, and he continued to also work with these firms. As time went on, he continued to move up through the ranks of the company.

Ultimately, there was a major change in the company that Stephen Murray played a large part in. CCMP Capital was founded from it’s parent company, JP Morgan Partners. Stephen Murray successfully worked with corporate leaders to found CCMP Capital.

As CCMP Capital was in operation, they have helped to manage an exceptionally large amount of funds. In fact, CCMP Capital manages money for numerous multimillion dollar companies.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The companies that CCMP manages are of a variety of different types. CCMP manages Quizino’s Subs and Pinnacle Foods. However, they also manage companies that work with a variety of different other industries. For instance, they manage Cabela’s, Aramark, and AMC Entertainment, as well. There are actually more than 20 different large companies managed by CCMP Capital.

In addition to managing CCMP successfully, Stephen Murray also did a great deal of philanthropic work. He donated to a number of different important causes, such as the Make A Wish Foundation. However, he also was a big donor to his two alma matters, Boston College and Columbia University.