Eric Lefkofsky – Transforming the Field of Cancer Research Through His Startup Tempus

Cancer has taken millions of lives globally and continues to be responsible for million more every year. The scientists, research scholars, researchers, and physicians are working hard to determine a cure to this disease that has become an international crisis in the medical field. Many of the big pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms are investing billions into the research of cancer therapies, and even though there have been positive developments taking place to control the disease to a great extent, no final cure is yet available to completely cure it different forms of cancer.

One of the major breakthroughs in the field of cancer therapies is recently provided by Tempus, a technology firm that deals in collecting, organizing, mining, and aggregating cancer-based data from various medical centers and hospitals. Tempus, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, who is widely known for his previous startup, GrouponInc, an e-commerce portal connecting consumers with merchants offering discounted deals. Groupon went on to become a huge success nationally and internationally, is presently worth well over $2 Billion.

Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference was recently held in San Diego, where Mr. Lefkofsky during his speech mentioned the importance of collecting cancer based data from various sources, organizing it in an integrated manner, and providing it as a free-flowing resource to the researchers and scientists. Eric Lefkofsky believes that when molecular, clinical, outcome response, and therapeutic data is available quickly and in an organized fashion to the researchers, the progress in the field of developing more effective cancer therapies would multiply itself enormously.

It would help in understanding clearly why some cancer therapies is effective on some patient, and why it doesn’t work as well with others. With the help of such data, physicians, oncologists, and researchers would be able to devise better cancer therapies and provide individualized treatment in correlation with the specific genome structure of different patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known serial entrepreneur and has started many other companies besides GrouponInc and Tempus, including Lightbank, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and Uptake Technologies. He is also a passionate philanthropist and is the co-founder of Lefkofsky Family Foundation that is dedicated to helping people in need and empowering local communities through high-impact initiatives.

Eric Lefofsky Uses Abilities for Cancer

Eric Lefofsky worked hard to make sure that he was making his business as popular as possible. It was something that he was both confident in and comfortable with because of the ideas that he had come up with when he was working on Groupon. He used different techniques to get people to enjoy Groupon and he has been doing that with the rest of his businesses since that time. He found something that worked for him and continues to use that to his advantage while he is working on different business models that he has come up with.

After seeing huge success with Groupon, Mr Eric was content to just retire with the money that he made from Groupon. The problem, though, was that he felt as if he wasn’t doing enough. He always had the nagging suspicion that he could do more with his talents than simply offer people cheap and reduced prices on goods and services.

While he was enjoying retirement with his family, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was scary for the family and something that they were not expecting. They struggled with it and went through some very hard times before they were able to get through the experience. It was something that Eric had to deal with and something that made life harder for him. It also allowed him to know what he needed to do with his life and where he could use his talents that he had and already used on Groupon. Click here to know more.

Eric Lefofsky’s wife made it through cancer and is now much healthier. Lefofsky used the talent that he had to come up with the idea for Tempus. This is a company that works with cancer patients and their families to make the cancer diagnosis so much easier for them to handle. Eric has even teamed up with a professional geneticist to come up with some of the ideas for the cures that he can use to help eliminate cancer altogether before it is able to take away the excellent lives of many other people who are in different situations.

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