EOS Is Revolutionizing The Lip Balm Industry

The chap stick world has changed in recent time and it’s all thanks to the variety that we are now exposed to. Growing up, picking out a chap stick meant grabbing one of the tube-shaped ones that contained flavors such as mint or cherry. If I was feeling really fancy, I remember their being candy, soda, and fruit flavored ones complete with sparkles! As I got older, all I wanted from a chap stick was something basic that tasted good, smelled good, and kept my lips hydrated.

That’s exactly what I’ve found with the EOS lip balm. The first thing that is great about EOS is the fact that they have a variety of different flavors. There’s sure to be one that pleases anyone’s taste buds. There’s basic fruit flavors and recently EOS has been stepping up their flavor game and adding twists that include two flavors. It’s always exciting to head to Ulta or Target store and see what kind of flavor they’ll have next.

According to Fast Company, EOS has seen a lot of success due to celebrities. Many have endorsed the product and can be seen carrying around the egg-shaped container. EOS works well because it is quite stylish. The colors are fun whether they’re solid or striped. The shape is convenient and can fit inside any pocket or purse.

EOS is actually more sanitary than other kinds due to the shape of the container. Sometimes, friends and family share lip balm. This way, the product isn’t touching everyone’s lips. The lip balm is also perfect for when you have a cold or a cold sore. You won’t risk infection by applying a lip balm directly to your finger.

Overall EOS has revolutionized the lip balm industry. That’s because it offers hydration, a great flavor selection, and a stylish look.

Fabletics Offers Great Workout Clothes for Women

Working out doesn’t have to mean looking frumpy or unkempt. Fabletics offers affordable and fashionable workout clothes for women and men. This new company is a decision of JustFab, a fashion company that focuses on providing unique and affordable fashion that is modeled after the latest trends. Fabletics is designed by iconic actress and model Kate Hudson. Her unique line is designed to appeal to a wide range of people who are both fashion forward and athletic.

One of the best things about Fabletics is that it works like a fashion Members gain exclusive access to the latest fashion athletic clothing of Fabletics that is geared towards their favorite style of working out. Before joining members are given a survey that allows them to customize the type and style of workout gear that they will see the most. This saves time by keeping members from having to sort through hundreds of styles of athletic wear that may or may not suit their body type and fashion sense.

There are tons of new outfits added every month, which means that members of Fabletics have the ability to constantly update their wardrobe and stay stylish when they work out on popsugar.com. Because the prices are so affordable, it is easy for members to update their wardrobe and add new pieces.

Belonging to Fabletics is like belonging to an exclusive club where you gain access to the latest styles and designs in athletic clothing that are hand picked just for you. VIP Members at http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm start by taking a simple quiz that helps the website determine what their style preferences are. This way it feels as if you are getting a unique handpicked set of items that suit your workout needs and your sense of style.

All of the clothes are handpicked and approved by Kate Hudson herself, but there are a few special items that she has picked as her favorites of this month’s selections. Fabletics items are usually offered at a deeper discount to members. Members also get lots of other perks and deep discounts on these already affordable workout clothes.

The best thing about Fabletics is that membership is free. There is no charge to being a member. Members do have to log into the website each month and either choose to buy a few items or skip that month, otherwise their credit card is billed for a small amount each month on Pinterest. The monthly charge can then be applied to future purchases or be saved and credited later down the road. No matter what there is no member ship fee, and with all of the clothing on Fabletics being both affordable and fun to wear, Fabletics is the easiest and best way to buy new workout clothes.