Lifedline Screening Serves Many and Saves Lives

Much of our medical diagnosis in modern society is made by tests and screenings that are scientifically ascertained under specific guidelines. Lifeline Screening is a company that conducts such tests. These are tests and screenings that are usually done in a hospital or a testing facility, but Lifeline can perform them at a very good discounted price in a more convenient manner.

With Lifeline screening, the tests come in three categories, the first of which is the ultrasound screening. Ultrasound allows the view of the actual organs of the body so the functioning of the organ can be observed in real time. For example, it is possible to see the actual blood flow in the arteries and veins. Tests for abdominal aortic blood flow, carotid artery blood flow in the neck, and ankle-brachial screening can be accomplished. Ultrasound can also test the bone density of an individual for the risk of osteoporosis.

A simple prick of a finger using the finger-stick blood screening test can create an entire lipid panel so that the cholesterol levels can be observed. The LDL and HDL levels in the body are revealed in this manner. Also, the levels of sugar, or glucose can be tested in this manner to determine if a person is diabetic, or pre-diabetic. Elevated liver enzymes can be revealed in this way as well. Click here to know more about Lifeline Screening.

A limited electrocardiograph tests for the rate of heartbeat. If the heart is not beating in a regular manner, there could be an immediate concern because the individual is susceptible to atrial fibrillation, which can cause blood clots. This could lead to a stroke if treatment is not quickly forthcoming.

All of these test results are forwarded to an individual’s personal physician upon completion for further analysis and treatment if necessary. Tests are conducted in public venues and in employers’ workplaces.


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