How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Differs From Amazon

Amazon is the king of online clothing sales, in fact, even in a very crowded market they are bringing in a very impressive 20 percent of all the sale sin that space. With thousands of competitors fighting to grab the remaining money, one clothing company has their eyes on bigger things. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is going after the top spot in the online clothing market by doing things differently than Amazon, and $250 million in sales over a couple years certainly has gotten the attention of others in this niche.


Hudson tells those that inquire about the success of her athleisure brand that it all comes down to reverse showrooming and her unique membership perks. While this all sounds well and good, we need to go to the local mall and step inside the Fabletics store to see the process working in real-time to get a better understanding as to how this shopping experience differs from that at Amazon. The one thing that immediately jumps out at customers is there is no pressure from associates to buy, in fact, you are encouraged to shop around, try on everything, and even take a lifestyle quiz. This is only the first part of the equation in action however.


Next, we need to see what happens when these same customers decide to visit the Fabletics e-commerce store. Since the customer tried on all the clothing already at the mall store, those pieces are going to be transferred to the online account of the customer. Since the question about sizing has been addressed, these customers start loading up their shopping carts with items from the vast online inventory instead. Unlike Amazon where you buy a piece and wait for it to arrive, with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you know it fits, so you just start buying on impulse instead.


It is those impulse buys that are causing Kate Hudson’s Fabletics to see those record number of sales in such a short period of time. These customers are getting even more special treatment at Fabletics. Customers enjoy their very own shopping assistant, discounts on active-wear, and free shipping for those orders that are placed online. The shopping assistant will pick an item each month based on how the lifestyle quiz was answered, and stick it in the cart for customer consideration. Can Amazon compete with this type service? If they don’t change things soon, they may be the second best-selling apparel company online.

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