How to Build a Powerhouse Company with John Goullet

John Goullet is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and business mogul. He made his career debut as an information technology (IT) consultant and switched to be an IT staffing account executive shortly after.

The Rise of Info Technologies, Inc

 John Goullet founded Info Technologies, Inc in 1994 and served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Info Technologies, Inc focused its efforts on understanding the corporate world along with client’s IT staffing needs and matching them with an IT consultant based on work style, skill set, and the personality of the clients. This company mainly focused on Fortune 500 companies all around the United States. Mr. Goullet showed impressive initiative and grew Info Technologies, Inc to a firm worth over 30 million dollars in the first five years. This growth earned Info Technologies, Inc a spot in Inc. Magazine’s’ ranking of the top 500 fast rising private businesses in the United States. In 2010, Info Technologies, Inc merged with DIVERSANT Inc to become DIVERSANT LLC.


DIVERSANT LLC started out as an idea of John Goullet had 24 years ago when he was first breaking into the IT field, and it has grown from an idea to one of the biggest staffing companies in the United States. DIVERSANT LLC has earned the title of the top IT staffing company in the United States, and it also holds the distinction of being a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). DIVERSANT LLC offers a broad range of IT staffing and products that include diversity solutions, direct hire, and IT staffing augmentation.

The Business Model

Mr. Goullet has put a business model in place and followed it with DIVERSANT LLC. He says you must hire the best people you can and give your key people a piece of the company. The next step is to hire and train hundreds of new hires and empower them once they meet the three-year mark with the enterprise. Give your three-year associates more training, workshops, and mentoring with the new employees so that they will create a culture of accountability. This is what it takes to run a successful, thriving company.

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