PodcastOne Announces Results of Network’s Brand Lift Studies by Edison Research

The results of a series of comprehensive studies conducted on advertising by five major consumer brands were recently announced by Norman Pattiz, executive chairman PodcastOne. The advertising test studies were conducted by Edison Research, Tom Webster VP of strategy. The study was focused on five different service categories and products.

PR Newswire reports that these podcast advertisers studies on the pre- and post-campaign brand lift were conducted in the second half of 2016. The studies reveal that there is a positive impact on recall of specific messaging, brand recall and intent to purchase following podcast advertising.

The studies reveal that more than 60% of listeners post-study, up from 7% pre-study could mention a specific grocery brand after the advertising campaign. Unaided product awareness increased by 24% for a lawn and garden product, by 37% for an automobile aftermarket product. Unaided awareness for a financial services product, increased by 47%. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://www.metro.us/boston/the-sports-podcast-revolution-podcastone-sports-radio-and-audio-s-future/zsJpjt—gEnNaaBqfWHbk/

Post-study analysis revealed that over a third of respondents, up from 18%, reported that they had a “very favorable” outlook of an automobile aftermarket product. In a post-study, the number of respondents who revealed that they were “very likely” to think about using a lawn and garden product increased to 22% up from 16% in the pre-study. Additionally, specific campaign message awareness for an automobile aftermarket product increased by 60% in the post-study while that for a casual dining restaurant increased by 76%.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman and founder of PodcastOne, a leading producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. A renowned entrepreneur, Pattiz previously founded Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group.

The former grew into the country’s largest radio network and provider of news, entertainment, traffic programming, sports, and talk in the broadcast industry. Presidents Clinton and Bush appointed him in 2000 and 2002 respectively to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) of the USA. The responsibility of the BBG is to oversee all nonmilitary broadcasting services in the US.

Additional Information and Accomplishments

Pattiz is as a Regent of the University of California. He also served as the chairman at Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Additionally, Mr. Pattiz is a Council of Foreign Relations member and a member of the Pacific Council on International Relations.

Pattiz has received many professional and civic awards such as The Freedom of Speech Award, the Distinguished Education Service Award, and several Broadcaster of the Year Awards. To recognize his contribution to the radio industry, he is an inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame (November 2009).

How Clay Siegall Has Revolutionized Cancer Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is an acclaimed scientist, academician, entrepreneur, and a respected author. He is the Co-founder, CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics. His company specializes in the development of therapy options and drugs for critical diseases like cancer. Due to his exceptional skills, Seattle Genetic is currently ranked among the top companies in the field of cancer therapy. The company is credited with coming up with a robust series of more than 20 drugs that revolutionized the treatment of various types of cancer.

Seattle Genetics has evolved from a tiny start-up to a giant reckon with. More companies are partnering with Seattle Genetics with the aim of finding solutions to the world’s most dreaded deceases. For instance, Seattle Genetics partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to come up the first ADC product, ADCETRIS. The drug became an instant success and is now a global brand that has attained approval requirements of more than 65 countries.

Despite Seattle Genetics’ unending successes, Dr. Clay Siegall still strives to enhance its ADC technology. His relentless efforts have seen Seattle Genetics sign multiple strategic licenses and agreements for its ADC innovation. To date, the strategic licenses have generated more than $350 million. Dr. Clay Siegall has also led his company into successful capital-raising activities and secured more than a billion through public and private financing.

Before he founded the famous Seattle Genetics, Siegall served at the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991. He moved on to work for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute before he established Seattle Genetics. Siegel is a Director of the Board governing Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Washington Roundtable. The exceptional scientist is also a recipient of many awards. For example, he secured the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year back in 2012. The knowledgeable scientist has also authored many publications.

Siegall received his Ph.D. from George University and B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He appreciates the fact that you cannot succeed alone. For this reason, he accentuates on the need to associate with smart people and learn from them. He also advocates for innovations and encourages the use of innovative technologies in the oncology drug development.

How to Build a Powerhouse Company with John Goullet

John Goullet is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and business mogul. He made his career debut as an information technology (IT) consultant and switched to be an IT staffing account executive shortly after.

The Rise of Info Technologies, Inc

 John Goullet founded Info Technologies, Inc in 1994 and served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Info Technologies, Inc focused its efforts on understanding the corporate world along with client’s IT staffing needs and matching them with an IT consultant based on work style, skill set, and the personality of the clients. This company mainly focused on Fortune 500 companies all around the United States. Mr. Goullet showed impressive initiative and grew Info Technologies, Inc to a firm worth over 30 million dollars in the first five years. This growth earned Info Technologies, Inc a spot in Inc. Magazine’s’ ranking of the top 500 fast rising private businesses in the United States. In 2010, Info Technologies, Inc merged with DIVERSANT Inc to become DIVERSANT LLC.


DIVERSANT LLC started out as an idea of John Goullet had 24 years ago when he was first breaking into the IT field, and it has grown from an idea to one of the biggest staffing companies in the United States. DIVERSANT LLC has earned the title of the top IT staffing company in the United States, and it also holds the distinction of being a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). DIVERSANT LLC offers a broad range of IT staffing and products that include diversity solutions, direct hire, and IT staffing augmentation.

The Business Model

Mr. Goullet has put a business model in place and followed it with DIVERSANT LLC. He says you must hire the best people you can and give your key people a piece of the company. The next step is to hire and train hundreds of new hires and empower them once they meet the three-year mark with the enterprise. Give your three-year associates more training, workshops, and mentoring with the new employees so that they will create a culture of accountability. This is what it takes to run a successful, thriving company.

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Wild Hair Hacks for the Everyday Girl

Wengie starts by going over the importance of promoting healthy hair by first altering your diet to fit what your hair is lacking. That requires some research on what types of vitamins and minerals are especially beneficial for your hair (and oftentimes even your skin!) and adding those key food types to your diet. She goes over the big ones, including Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, and folic acid.


The Youtube hair guru goes on to list out the next hair hack, which is to remind her viewers the importance of cleaning out your hairbrush regularly. She even goes over the steps on how to do so most effectively, complete with detailed closeups of her own messy hair brushes. An additional tip, that not many are aware of at all, is the use of a dryer sheet to really freshen and soften your hair!


Tip number eight details how to make your hair look longer in a ponytail, tip number seven teaches you how to add volume and maintain your hair dye job by using coconut oil in a pre-shower basting ceremony, number six informs viewers on the importance of not using a regular towel to dry your hair but instead a creative and easy to put together alternative. The next tips go over how to handle your baby or flyaway hairs and even the right way to deal with split ends at home. The ten tips finish up with both a hair and a skin hack! View this super useful ten hair hacks here:


Well Prepared Beneful Meals

Just when you thought there was no new additions to the Beneful brand, Purina is at it again. This time Purina brings you Beneful Prepared Meals. Beneful Prepared Meals vary from other offerings in the Beneful family such as the Beneful products based with whole grains. Unlike the whole grain based renditions of Beneful, the Beneful Prepared Meals are cooked meals like the ones humans eat at dinner time. Like all of Beneful’s products, the Beneful Prepared Meals are full of flavor. The delicious meal will have your dog in a state of Euphoria. In a dog’s world Beneful Prepared Meals are gourmet dishes. Though a little more expensive, the Beneful Prepared Meals are still cheap enough to fit in a typical pet owner’s budget. Usually they start at $10 on up. For pet owners looking to buy Beneful Prepared Meals in bulk, they are available on sites such as amazon.com and ebay.com. Also, Beneful Prepared Meals do not lack in nutrition. Beneful Prepared Meals are sure to leave your dog with a bunch of energy and overall good health. In addition, Beneful Prepared Meals come in many flavors such as chicken, turkey, and beef. These also are the most favored flavors. See how that rhymed? When it comes to ingredients, you know Beneful only uses the real deal. Beneful Prepared Meals are no exception to the rule. Beneful Prepared Meals can be found at most of the retailers other Beneful products can be found. These well known retailers include Walmart, Target, etc.


Highland Capital Management: A Very Successful Alternative Investment Management Firm

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas, Texas based alternative investment management firm. Founded in 1993, the firm specializes in private equity, leveraged buyouts, growth capital and a host of other financial services. The company has assets in excess of $18.7 billion and has over 100 staff members. Highland Capital Management manages hedge funds, distressed investment and structured investment funds. It also invests in fixed income, global public equity and hedging markets. They focus on high yield bonds, leveraged loans and structured products. In addition to its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management also has offices in Singapore, London and New York City.


The company manages the Highland Distressed Opportunities, the Highland Credit Strategy Fund and several other closed-end funds. In February, 2010, Highland Capital Management announced that it had completed its CLO Value Fund I. The company also deals with high yield credit, structured products, distressed and special situations, long/short equity, health care, emerging markets and real estate. Highland Capital Management recently closed its first Asia-based healthcare-oriented private equity fund. Based in South Korea, the fund has $147 million in capital commitments.


The strategy of the fund is well aligned with the core capabilities of Highland Capital Management. It draws on the company’s vast expertise working in the healthcare sector. Highland Capital Management’s largest industry exposure is in healthcare. About half of its over 15-year track record working in private equity involves healthcare companies. The new fund’s primary investment targets will be Asian and North American middle market healthcare companies. Highland Capital Management had over $1.5 billion under management in healthcare assets as of May 2017. It spans many fund structures and asset classes.


Highland Capital Management’s leadership anticipates the U.S. healthcare industry having to deal with several disruptive forces that will have an acute affect on middle market healthcare companies. The growing number of older members of the American population and the increasing access in Asia to healthcare services are expected to create greater utilization levels. Add the increasingly complex demands on the healthcare sector from consumers and government and it signals a great opportunity for investors.


Eric Pulier And His Enterprise Technology

Eric Pulier is the father of enterprise technology, and he has created a number of different upgrades to this technology. He has worked on helping the government become more efficient, and he knows how to make a business easier to manage. This article explains how Eric has made the business world stronger with one simple computer platform.


#1: What Is Enterprise Technology?


Enterprise technology is a system that connects computers and systems to mobile devices. The system may be used to run a dispatch department, or it may send information to a company device that includes pricing, products and billing. Someone who is searching for a better way to manage their business may streamline what they are doing using enterprise technology.


#2: Eric Has Worked With Government


Eric has worked with the government for many years, and he knows how simple it is to create a system that everyone may use. he built the enterprise software community because it is easy for staffers to use, and it produces an environment where the company turns to technology to get all their work done.


#3: Eric Helped With Y2K


Eric was an integral part of planning for Y2k because he knew that he needed to help the government prepare. He was running hr enterprise software community, and he consulted with the President to ensure that Y2k was not a back breaking experience for the government. Someone who lived through that time is familiar with the Y2K issue, and people who were working in computers knew that Eric was a part of this issue.


#4: Eric Gives Back


Eric is giving back in many different ways, and he started out with special needs kids in California. He has gone on to do more than anyone else in the industry, and he is continuing to run enterprise technology while leaving it open sourced for its customers.


Eric Pulier is technology scion, and he has done quite a lot of work to improve the industry. He is helping companies grow with his technology, and he gives back where it is possible to help special needs kids.