How Entrepreneurship can Help with Healthcare

Entrepreneurs are often times the problem solvers of the world. For one thing, there are a lot of issues that are left over in business. In many cases, it is someone who is perceptive that takes a look at the issues that he sees with the current companies. While there are ways to talk to the established companies to get them to address those issues, some people have the creativity to put something together that is going to address the issue that they have with the industry. This is one of the ways that entrepreneurs make improvements to any industry.

In the case of healthcare Dr. Andrew Manganero of Lifeline Screening has seen a glaring issue in the industry of healthcare. One thing that he has seen is that there are a lot of illnesses that people suffer from but are not aware of it. These illnesses would cause a lot of problems by the time the person detects it. Therefore, he has decided to help people find screenings for different types of illnesses so that they will not fall victim to these diseases because of an absence of symptoms. One thing that he finds to be tragic is when people have to suffer some dire consequences for not being aware of any diseases that they had all along. Click here to know more.

Another problem that Lifeline Screening is solving is the approach to healthcare. While many people are used to coming down with the illness and then getting treatment, there is actually a better approach to healthcare. The proactive approach is a lot better for the health of individuals. One of the reasons that being proactive is better is that it helps people avoid disease and even gain greater health. One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that people have the chance to innovate.

The Road to Success of Julie Zuckerberg

Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg is regarded as one of the most successful and skillful recruiters in the financial sector. Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg is currently working at Deutsche Bank as an executive recruitment lead. She is also working as vice president at Deutsche Bank. It is a highly esteemed financial institution with entered the financial sector in 1870.

Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg has had more than ten years of professional experience at a variety of positions each better than the previous one. Her skills were developed through her positions at a number of companies. Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg is skilled not only as a recruiter, but she has also studied Law. She studied at the City University of New York – Brooklyn College and became a Philosophy major. After that, she enrolled at the New York Law School.


Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg’s career began after she graduated Law School. She started working at a large firm with headquarters in New York City – the Hudson. Her position at the firm of Hudson was director of candidate placement, and for the first time, Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg was able to show her natural talent for that kind of a position. Recruitment is a skill that takes years of practice to hone. She began developing her skills through recruiting people at management positions and legal positions, and more. Since Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg had graduated with a degree in Law, she was able to provide her legal knowledge as well as her talent as a recruiter. She assumed the responsibility of a mediator between the legal management of the Hudson Company and the rest of the staff members.


After having worked at the Hudson Company from 2002 until 2007, Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg moved on to greener pastures and joined the Citi Global Consumer Bank. There, she worked at a higher position that at the Hudson company. Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg assumed the position of Executive Recruiter and contributed greatly to the large financial institution. She has many responsibilities at her position such as providing insight and analyzing the market of talent acquisition as well as leading teams and giving full and swift directing to teams. By the end of 2016, Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg has become Executive Recruiter of the Citi Global Functions. The promotion gave way to further development of her skills by adding more responsibilities to her role in the large establishment. After that, Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg became a valuable member of the New York Life Insurance Company where she expanded her skills further through collaborations with other experts, leading large teams and projects as well.


Currently, Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg is working at Deutsche Bank as the Executive Recruitment Lead and the Talent Acquisition Leader of the esteemed establishment. Her skills have been expanding steadily, and her career has achieved great success. Mrs. Julie Zuckerberg has managed to achieve that by understanding what people are good at and what skills and traits they have would allow them to excel at a certain position. That is a unique talent that has enabled her to do what she does expertly.



Eric Lefkofsky – Transforming the Field of Cancer Research Through His Startup Tempus

Cancer has taken millions of lives globally and continues to be responsible for million more every year. The scientists, research scholars, researchers, and physicians are working hard to determine a cure to this disease that has become an international crisis in the medical field. Many of the big pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms are investing billions into the research of cancer therapies, and even though there have been positive developments taking place to control the disease to a great extent, no final cure is yet available to completely cure it different forms of cancer.

One of the major breakthroughs in the field of cancer therapies is recently provided by Tempus, a technology firm that deals in collecting, organizing, mining, and aggregating cancer-based data from various medical centers and hospitals. Tempus, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, who is widely known for his previous startup, GrouponInc, an e-commerce portal connecting consumers with merchants offering discounted deals. Groupon went on to become a huge success nationally and internationally, is presently worth well over $2 Billion.

Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference was recently held in San Diego, where Mr. Lefkofsky during his speech mentioned the importance of collecting cancer based data from various sources, organizing it in an integrated manner, and providing it as a free-flowing resource to the researchers and scientists. Eric Lefkofsky believes that when molecular, clinical, outcome response, and therapeutic data is available quickly and in an organized fashion to the researchers, the progress in the field of developing more effective cancer therapies would multiply itself enormously.

It would help in understanding clearly why some cancer therapies is effective on some patient, and why it doesn’t work as well with others. With the help of such data, physicians, oncologists, and researchers would be able to devise better cancer therapies and provide individualized treatment in correlation with the specific genome structure of different patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known serial entrepreneur and has started many other companies besides GrouponInc and Tempus, including Lightbank, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and Uptake Technologies. He is also a passionate philanthropist and is the co-founder of Lefkofsky Family Foundation that is dedicated to helping people in need and empowering local communities through high-impact initiatives.

Don Ressler’s Work in the Fashion Industry

Don Ressler is a born businessman. He is an entrepreneur who began involving himself in fashion at a tender age. He is one of the best when it comes to the fashion industry. Growing up, he learned how to make new styles that would appeal the fashion world thus developing his skills. Every day fashion keeps growing as well as trending, Ressler through experience is always attentive on any trends so that he could still lead in the fashion world. Some of the fashion organizations that he has led and has brought so much prosperity are; FitnessHeaven, JustFab and IntelligentBeauty. Don Ressler is the CEO of Fabletics as well as the co-CE of JustFab, being a leader in these organizations has made him famous in e-commerce.

His first company where he was part of is, the company became a success and was later on bought by Intermix Media on He then met his now long-time partner, Adam Goldenberg who also has a high sense of fashion. The two experts are the CEOs of JustFab. The organization is now known as TechStyle Fashion Group. The firm has so far developed to a good level in the industry and as a result bringing in better profit. The company’s products include shoes, jewelry, handbags and denim, these outfits are also trending a factor that they take care of. Furthermore JustFab has an online podium allowing clients to buy products in a fast and better way.

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The companies that have collaborated with JustFab to bring the best out of fashion are; Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. The earning f the firm has also significantly risen thus showing a good development. Their success made them receive $3 million from Matrix Partners and from the same organization they again got $76 million on Technology Crossover Venture and IntelligentBeauty are the other firms that paid JustFab and moreover they got $49 million from FabKids.

Don Ressler joined Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson and together they launched Fabletics another amazing fashion company. The firm is unique because in the sense that their products are only for athletes. It is also an online company. They have all products required for an athlete and they are at a friendly price. Kate Hudson is not only an entrepreneur but also an athlete and a style professional, she has helped in the development of the company to a higher level. Don Ressler together with his team are happy with the company’s progress.

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How Sam Boraie Helps The Community Both As A Property Developer And Philanthropist

Sam Boraie is a property developer in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He works at Boraie Development, LLC, and a company that was founded by his Egyptian-born father in the early 1970. Working as a Vice President, Sam Boraie performs a number of roles at the company. He is involved in the acquisition of properties as well as the design and construction of the building. He also is an expert in property management, sales, and marketing.

According to NYTimes, Boraie Development has been busy revitalizing downtown New Brunswick. Sam Boraie and his team at the company have rebuilt a number of parts of New Brunswick, putting in much-needed housing, retail, and office space into areas where all three were lacking. One of their recently completed projects is The Aspire, a tower filled with high-end residential units as well as offices on the lower floors and retail space on the street level. The Aspire is at a convenient location near to mass transit, restaurants, and places designed for entertainment.

In addition to placing new buildings in New Brunswick, Sam Boraie has provided his expertise to build properties in both Newark and Atlantic City. The Newark building, Rector Street, is the first high-rise tower to be built in that city in more than 50 years. He is also in the process of developing a new property in Atlantic City along with that city’s tourism board.

Sam Boraie is also a community leader. He serves on the Advisory Board for the New Brunswick nonprofit Elijah’s Promise. This nonprofit serves food to hungry people in the New Brunswick community in an effort to alleviate hunger. Sam Boraie and Elijah’s Promise are also dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing training to people in their kitchens so that they can get jobs in the restaurant industry.

Another way that Sam Boraie helps out is by sponsoring the State Theatre New Jersey. He serves as a Trustee for this nonprofit organization that provides entertainment to the community. He also sponsors the theatre’s summer movie program which puts on free kids movies throughout the summer for families that can’t afford a regular viewing.

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Eric Lefofsky Uses Abilities for Cancer

Eric Lefofsky worked hard to make sure that he was making his business as popular as possible. It was something that he was both confident in and comfortable with because of the ideas that he had come up with when he was working on Groupon. He used different techniques to get people to enjoy Groupon and he has been doing that with the rest of his businesses since that time. He found something that worked for him and continues to use that to his advantage while he is working on different business models that he has come up with.

After seeing huge success with Groupon, Mr Eric was content to just retire with the money that he made from Groupon. The problem, though, was that he felt as if he wasn’t doing enough. He always had the nagging suspicion that he could do more with his talents than simply offer people cheap and reduced prices on goods and services.

While he was enjoying retirement with his family, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was scary for the family and something that they were not expecting. They struggled with it and went through some very hard times before they were able to get through the experience. It was something that Eric had to deal with and something that made life harder for him. It also allowed him to know what he needed to do with his life and where he could use his talents that he had and already used on Groupon. Click here to know more.

Eric Lefofsky’s wife made it through cancer and is now much healthier. Lefofsky used the talent that he had to come up with the idea for Tempus. This is a company that works with cancer patients and their families to make the cancer diagnosis so much easier for them to handle. Eric has even teamed up with a professional geneticist to come up with some of the ideas for the cures that he can use to help eliminate cancer altogether before it is able to take away the excellent lives of many other people who are in different situations.

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USHEALTH Group has the Insurance Plan to Suit Your Needs

USHEALTH Group believes that every customer’s needs are unique and that if why they offer a large array of options when it comes to choosing affordable healthcare solutions. Once the customer chooses their plan, USHEALTH Group steps in to provide excellent service and claim processing. USHEALTH Group has been named on of the Top 50 North American Call Centers in 2013 for their stellar customer service. USHEALTH Group has also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. USHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has served over 15 million customers for more than 50 years.

With USHEALTH Group, you have many different insurance plans to choose form including PremierChoice, Secure Advantage, SecureDental, PremierVision, MedGuard, Life Protector, Accident Protector, Income Protector, and Essential Health Benefit plans.

With PremierChoice, you have the freedom to purchase more coverage if you need it, without any additional underwriting. Secure Advantage lets you lock in your rates for 12, 24, or 36 months at a time and you get flexible deductible choices. SecureDental offers three different personalized plans for you to choose from. You can pick either the Premium Plan, Saver Plus Plan, or the Saver Plan. PremierVision has an insight network of over 71,400 providers so you can choose the best provider to fit your needs. Click here to know more.

Life Protector is a 10 year term life insurance that will help you meet your daily obligations like car and house payments. Accident Protector has you covered if you need extra protection to help cover out of pocket expenses caused by an accident. Income protector will help you get thorough times that you have no income and the Essential Health Benefit Plan provides coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

With USHEALTH Group, you can manage your Healthcare any time of the day or night and even review your Explanation of Benefits online. You can use the tools available to you to make sound decisions about your healthcare and locate participating providers. You can even view your prescription plan and history, track your personalized drug treatment costs and options, and so much more.