InnovaCare Health Solutions Has Reinforced its Management Team by adding Three Talented Officials

Located in New Jersey, InnovaCare Health Solutions is a pioneer in Medicare Advantage Programs and revolutionary physician practice services. The firm seeks to resolve evolving challenges in the health management sector. The managed care hub has streamlined its leadership team by hiring top talents in the industry. The company concentrates on achieving healthier outcomes by creating strong relationships between patients and physicians.

Why does InnovaCare excel in the provision of managed care services?

InnovaCare develops solutions that focus on improving the lives of patients. This managed care provider aims at achieving quality medical care in everything it does. The firm’s team of experienced health managers is in charge of managing innovative medical networks and practices. InnovaCare holds its stakeholders accountable to a high level of quality and accountability.

Management team

Dr. Richard Shinto recently announced the addition of three key talents into the InnovaCare’s management team. Each of the new officials brings a deep background and exceptional skill set to the institution. Dr. Shinto is the M.D. and president of InnovaCare.

Jonathan Meyers

Meyers is the new chief actuary officer of the firm. Before joining the executive team of InnovaCare Health Solutions, Meyers was a senior employee at Horizon BCBS in charge of Medicaid and Medicare department.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope has served in the managed care sector for the past 20 years. She has managed government programs, created health care operations, and clinical programs. She has shown lots of commitment in developing efficient and sustainable organizational infrastructure. Penelope has offered her expertise to leading managed care companies, including Aveta, AmeriChoice, Centerlight Healthcare, and UnitedHealth Group.

Mike Sortino

Sortino handles accounting matters at InnovaCare. He has held accounting positions at Samsung Fire & Marie Insurance, Houston Casualty Company, and HCC Specialty. He has been in reinsurance and insurance sector for over two decades and public accounting for more than five years.

Dr. Richard Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto collaborates with other top executives at InnovaCare to develop and implement the organization’s growth strategies. He is a leader in the management of clinical programs and provision of managed care solutions. At the commencement of his medical career, Dr. Shinto was a pulmonologist practitioner at a health facility in Southern Carolina. He has worked as a CMO for companies like Medical Pathways Management Company and Cal Optima Health Plan. Dr. Shinto has published several reviews and articles that discuss healthcare management and clinical medicine extensively. Read more about Rick on Businesswire

Professor Sujit Choudhry’S Accomplishment

Sujit Choudhry, a well-known professor in the field of comparative constitutional law, combines an international research on matters relating constitution building process in countries such as South Africa, Ukraine, Tunisia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya Jordan and Nepal. Professor Sujit Choudhry is recognised worldwide for his deeper field experience as a canceller to the constitution making process and his knowledge in the comparative constitutional law.

Professor Sujit Choudhry does research regarding a diversified variety of matters in comparative constitutional law. Some of these issues include constitutional design in ethnically divided communities, decentralisation, federalism, secession, and constitutional design as an object to manage the change from violence to peaceful democratic politics. Furthermore, Sujit Choudhry also dwells with constitutional courts, sound public language policy, constitutional makeup in the context of change from the leaders to the Democratic general rule, security section oversight, the standard methodological questions in the learning of comparative constitutional law, proportionality and bills of right, minority and the majority rights.  Check also this related link.

Also, Professor Sujit Choudhry has also written widely on the customary Canadian constitution law. Apart from publishing the Canadian constitution law, Sujit Choudhry has published over one hundred articles, working sheets, reports and book chapters. Professor Sujit altered the original copies of some collections which include the Constitutional Design for Divided Societies written by the Oxford in the year 2008 and Constitution making which is a forthcoming text by Edward Elgar.He also wrote the Migration of Constitution ideas published by the Cambridge publishers in the year 2006 and The Oxford Handbook of the Indian constitution drafted by the Oxford in the year 2016.Professor Sujit Choudhry is an active member of the board of editors of the International Journal of charter law, the Editorial advisory council for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, the Executive Committee of the International Society of public law and the correcting Board of the Constitutional Court Review.  Source

Professor Sujit Choudhry is the founder of the Center for Constitution Transitions, that produces and control the experience and skills in support of the constitution making by gathering and starting worldwide networks of the skilled personnel to polish up the thematic research work that provides the necessary evidence relating the policy choice. Sujit Choudhry put heads together with Non-governmental Organisations, Multilateral organisations and universities in doing the comprehensive analysis on the global collaborative research projects. Professor Sujit Choudhry is one of the members of the United Nations Mediation Roster; he has been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank Institute at the World Bank.

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EOS Is Revolutionizing The Lip Balm Industry

The chap stick world has changed in recent time and it’s all thanks to the variety that we are now exposed to. Growing up, picking out a chap stick meant grabbing one of the tube-shaped ones that contained flavors such as mint or cherry. If I was feeling really fancy, I remember their being candy, soda, and fruit flavored ones complete with sparkles! As I got older, all I wanted from a chap stick was something basic that tasted good, smelled good, and kept my lips hydrated.

That’s exactly what I’ve found with the EOS lip balm. The first thing that is great about EOS is the fact that they have a variety of different flavors. There’s sure to be one that pleases anyone’s taste buds. There’s basic fruit flavors and recently EOS has been stepping up their flavor game and adding twists that include two flavors. It’s always exciting to head to Ulta or Target store and see what kind of flavor they’ll have next.

According to Fast Company, EOS has seen a lot of success due to celebrities. Many have endorsed the product and can be seen carrying around the egg-shaped container. EOS works well because it is quite stylish. The colors are fun whether they’re solid or striped. The shape is convenient and can fit inside any pocket or purse.

EOS is actually more sanitary than other kinds due to the shape of the container. Sometimes, friends and family share lip balm. This way, the product isn’t touching everyone’s lips. The lip balm is also perfect for when you have a cold or a cold sore. You won’t risk infection by applying a lip balm directly to your finger.

Overall EOS has revolutionized the lip balm industry. That’s because it offers hydration, a great flavor selection, and a stylish look.

Traveling Vineyard For the Person Who Wants His Own Business

Traveling Vineyards is a work-at-home job for people who love wine and want to make some money with it. The company was founded in 2001 and now has 1,000 fine wines in more than 40 states across the country. There are 21 varieties of wine within the red, white, and sweet and fuzzy. The wines are priced at $14-25 per bottle. It costs $174 to become a wine guide. The price covers the $99 success kit and $75 for your first two tasting sets. There are prizes to acquire for the ones whose profits reach a particular level.

For example, if someone earns $750 within a period of 60 days, they can win an electric wine bottle opener. There is a $50 rebate for anyone who gets to the $1400 level in 60 days. Just like the old Tupperware parties, Traveling Vineyards expects their members to throw wine tasting parties and sell their wine there.

Any person who’s very good at selling products will and wants to be his own boss will benefit friend this friendly oriented business. The members encourage and inspire each other to succeed. There is no pressure unless you are trying to win your own electric wine bottle opener. You can work as much as you want to and put in only the hours you want. You can have as many wine parties per month as you wish. For people who don’t really want to give wine tasting parties, there is a wine tasting guide that is very similar to Avon Catalogs. If anyone is interested in purchasing wine from The Traveling Vineyard, all they have to do is order the wine through the distributor or member who will get credit for the sale.

Traveling Vineyard has a Facebook Page to help increase their membership. They display some of their wine products. Members of Traveling Vineyards, and people who are interested can visit the page and learn about the business through those people who know about the business. The page includes the web address and phone number where people interested can get in touch. Traveling Vineyard also has a Twitter page that has the same purple cover photo of people enjoying a glass of wine as the cover photo on their Facebook page. Traveling Vineyard’s Twitter page has an announcement of their next recruitment meeting in which interested people are invited to phone in and listen to the presentation.

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As GTL continues verbal assault, Securus won’t back down

Recently, Securus Technologies made headlines when it refused to back down from the constant barrage of insults being hurled its way by its wayward competitor GTL. Instead of running from a fight, Securus issued a challenge. GTL was invited to pit its video visitation technology squarely against that of Securus. The challenge was to be administered by a trusted third party. GTL refused to take part. Securus viewed this as a tacit admission that GTL’s product line is inferior and that all of the claims they’ve made in recent memory are baseless.

Securus was first to market and remains first for institutional safety

The truth is that Securus’ video visitation solution is second-to-none, largely because it was first to market. In addition to this, Securus has spent in excess of $700,000,000 in research and development over the last 10 years on a host of other products which complement and interface with its video visitation system.

One of these is its JLG Technologies line of voice-recognition software. This state-of-the-art system is deployed across all of Securus’ communications systems, including video visitation. It can instantly identify any unauthorized party or persons under investigation. Staff can then be surreptitiously alerted and a live monitoring session can begin. But JLG’s capabilities extend much further. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the program can actually interpret calls in real time, alerting staff to any conversation that may deal with criminal conspiracies or other violations of prison rules or laws. This incredible technology has enabled the institutions where it has been deployed to run safety records that were previously thought impossible.

Securus is changing the way that prisoners communicate and the way that prisons are kept safe. Through technologies like these, Securus is continuing to create value for its inmate customers as well as the guards and administrators at prisons throughout the country.



Goettl Company

Goettle is a business organization that provides air conditioning services. Are you looking for a cooler, a heater, a fridge or a boiler? This enterprise is the best place to get them. You do not need to struggle again looking for these items. Goettl Company is your solution.

How old is Goettl Company?

Goettl has existed in the market since 2005. It has ever since remained relevant regarding the services it offers to its consumers.

The geographical location of Goettl enterprises

Goettl is a global company. You can access Goettl wherever you are. Their branches are available in all towns across the globe. In some cities, they are available in almost all the streets. With Goettl, you are now able to get the best air conditioning devices and services for your comfort.

Services offered by Goettl Company

The company manufactures electronics like the air conditioners. They also provide training on how to maintain these gadgets. If you need a company that gives you both the items and the information, Goettl is your brand. These services are useful in the modern world in which consumers fall for the cons. The company has quality and satisfaction of its customers as its primary objective. The consumers using the air condition services from Goettl have never complained.

How to access Goettl Company

Goettl is a company that utilizes the digital platform to reach its customers. The company has a website through which they provide their services anytime the consumer needs them. Through the site, you can get the information you may require about the enterprise. You can also make your order for any of the items the company sells by just a click at your home. The company will transfer the gadget to your residence free of charge.

Services Goettl website provides

The website has customer care representative that attends to the clients through the direct chats. Goettl website provides online purchase orders as well as the platform where the customers can talk with each other through message services. So as Goettl is very flexible in the market today.

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