Shea In Your Own Way With Shea Butter


Everyone knows that shea butter is good for their skin, especially on those dry winter months, but did you know that shea butter is also very beneficial for your hair?! Shea butter is a natural emollient, it softens your skin naturally, and it is extracted from the nut of a shea tree, found in Africa. Even though you can find shea butter in many forms, you are best off if you get it in its unrefined organic form.

Because of how great shea butter is for your skin, including your scalp, this makes it great for your hair, as well. Shea butter has a ton of different vitamins packed into it. Among these vitamins is vitamin E; this helps protect your skin, including your scalp, from getting dry. Shea butter also contains antioxidant properties, which are extremely beneficial for your hair. The antioxidants help encourage blood flow to happen, which in turn helps to stimulate your hair to grow. Shea butter also contains anti-inflammatory properties. These properties will help not only heal your scalp but also protect it from bacteria as well as skin conditions.


On top of all of the ways shea butter can benefit the overall health of your hair, you can also use it for beautifying purposes. Shea butter has the ability to moisturize your hair as well as detangle all of those pesky knots! You can also use shea butter as a curling cream, or even to protect your hair from the damaging effects of heated straighteners or curlers. Shea butter is the perfect addition to your daily routine,


EuGenia Shea can help you achieve your beauty goals with their shea butter moisturizers, which contain 95% shea butter. In Greek, EuGenia means the origin of goodness, and that is just what EuGenia Shea is about! They are family run and dedicated to giving you all natural moisturizers.


EuGenia Shea has connections with Ghana as well as the shea butter industry at large. This allows them to be able to produce the highest quality shea butter around! The high quality and concentration of their products help you receive all of the benefits that shea butter has to offer.

The Benefits Of Madison Street Capital

Financial investment on is a tricky world in which an unskilled business needs to find someone who can help them invest their money in a focused manner. That’s where companies like Madison Street Capital come into play. They offer businesses like yours the kind of expertise they need to expand their financial portfolio.

Here’s what you need to know about this company and how they can help you succeed in creating a financial portfolio which will bring you the kind of rewards and profit that you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Who Is Madison Street Capital?
Madison Street Capital is a firm focused on international investment and helping their customers expand their portfolio in an impressive and financially-solvent manner. They offer a quick-response service that allows their clients to get the information they need quickly and efficiently. In a world when minutes and even seconds can make the difference between millions of dollars, they strive to be transparent and communicative.

Unlike other investment firms on, they are focused on benefiting both investors and company businesses. They aren’t interested in creating a quick buck by creating tension between these two groups and exploiting them for their own needs.

Instead they are dedicated to promoting stronger understanding and a greater sense of financial community between them. The expertise offered by Madison Street Capital has expanded beyond their initial operation base to stretch out to territories in North America, Asia, and even Africa.

They take a “whole world” view to investment and will work hard to find possible investment possibilities around the globe for each of their clients at This gives them a unique insight into the full possibilities inherent in their client’s investment portfolio.

What Services Do They Provide
There are multiple services provided by Madison Street Capital. For example, their corporate advisory expertise allows them to give advice on mergers, acquisitions, capital restructuring, bankruptcy, reorganizing a business, advice on buyouts, private placements, government corporate law, and much more. Madison Street Capital are also skilled at understanding the value of a company and ensuring they meet tax compliance.

Financial reports are another major part of their services, including a variety of expert advice on YouTube. For example, they are skilled at creating goodwill between buyers and sellers, creating structured financial products, operating in a share-based compensation model, and understanding purchase price and how to allocate this to the various businesses involved. Other services include wealth preservation and tax planning, including tips on how to build wealth and exit a business successfully.

So if your business needs a little help getting involved in the world of financial investment, check out Madison Street Capital. Though centered in Chicago, they are willing to work with clients from across the globe.

Nathaniel Ru Offers Fresh Food At Sweetgreen

Today’s increasingly health conscious consumers want food that is nutritious and delicious as well as inexpensive. Finding the right mix has been a challenge for many people in the world today. One company that has done well to help provide people with the kind of food they want to eat is that of Sweetgreen. This new company has been all about offering the kind of food that people look for when they don’t have the time to cook a meal during the day. Many busy people do not have the time to pack a lunch or a place to store it until they are ready to eat. Eating on the go may mean settling for food that is not nutritious. Those at Sweetgreen, including head Nathaniel Ru, know that there is a solution to this problem. They know that it is possible to find food when dining out that allows people to have a meal that is healthy but also quick.


Nourishing Food


The goal of the restaurant is to offer food that is satisfying as well as nutritious. This is why they spend lots of time working on ways to find the right combination of ingredients that will help offer the results people want from any fast food they serve. People in several major cities across the country have found it easy to pop inside for food they know will be just right to help them overcome the afternoon slump and get the energy they need to be able to get through the rest of their day with the right kind of calories. All the food served here is freshly made and sourced from local farms where quality is the first priority at all times.


Visionary Insights


Nathaniel Ru comes to the company with a pure sense of vision. His work in this field has been all about pushing several factors in place in order to create the ideal dining experience for all those who come here. With his help, the company has carefully examined which particular markets to enter as well as where to situate the stores they choose. His plan has always been about serving the entire neighborhood as well as just nearby lunch customers. This has allowed him to position the stores as part of the overall area instead of just a place where people who commute there can choose to go for their daily lunch.