The Success of Brian Bonar

According to Spokeo, Brian Bonar is a financial expert and a successful businessman. He is someone that is very skilled at what he does and is willing to take the time to make sure that the businesses he creates are successful. Being a financial expert is also very helpful in the sense that he knows how to handle his finances.

It takes a lot to actually build a successful business. For one thing, people need to build some skills in order for them to succeed in their careers. Brian’s skill is in being able to build a successful business structure. This is one of the factors behind his success.

One major factor in his success is his education. There is no way around it. Success does not come without education. Even the successful people who have not completed their education have taken the time to get the education they need in order to build a successful career.

Brian Bonar has not only finished high school, but he has graduated from college and tech schools. He has gotten a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical engineering and then went on to get his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. This has opened a lot of doors when it comes to career opportunities.

He has spent some of his years working for different companies like IBM before he went to Trucept. Trucept is the company that helps out small and medium sized businesses when it comes to different tasks.

Among the tasks they work on for the companies are payroll and other types of tasks that the businessmen could not handle on their own. Brian Bonar has made a successful career because he is interested in helping other people achieve their goals. His financial expertise is what helps not only his business but the other businesses that he does tasks for.

Markus Rothkranz Talks About When To Take Enzymes

Health and wellness expert Markus Rothkranz has a few things to talk about in a recent video of his on the subject of enzymes. In the video, he states that in previous informative videos he said that it is perfectly fine to take supplementary enzymes, and that it would be very beneficial. Now, in this video, he is expanding on the idea and providing more information.

The use of enzymes is certainly beneficial, but only in certain situations. Those situations are if you are trying to gain weight for whatever reason. Whether that reason be for bodybuilding purposes, or if you are simply too skinny and need the extra weight. If either of those situations apply to you, than taking a controlled amount of enzymes is of great benefit. This is because the enzymes help break down the food into nutrients and allows your body to absorb it more effectively.

However, by the same token, if you are trying to lose weight, then taking enzymes can be detrimental. The same properties that make them beneficial for weight gain make them unfavorable for weight loss. So if you want to drop some pounds, steer clear of enzymes.

Although he gives situations where you should and should not be taking enzymes, Rothkranz continues to educate viewers about how enzymes should not be needed at all. Since the body produces enzymes naturally with a raw, vegan diet, taking extra could make your body unable to produce its own, so taking them for a prolonged period should not be done.

In addition to talking about the benefits and use of enzymes, he talks about your body’s methods of breaking down food, focusing on naturally produced enzymes and what he calls “gut flora”, which is beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. These bacteria eat fiber present in natural vegan foods, and allows them to not only strengthen your immune system, but also help break down food, allowing your body to properly absorb the nutrients. For this reason, if you eat properly, the only real reason to take enzymes is for large scale weight gain. “D” First Step to a Natural Cleanse offers the most versatile line of body cleansing products. Whether you wish to cleanse your whole body or target specific organs, these guys have the right cleanse for the right price.


Nice to Meet you, DHerbs…


What used to be a California start-up, is now becoming a “natural force” in the wellness section, according to News One. was founded on the idea that we should take more responsibility for our own health. Additionally, the founders wanted to produce dietary supplements that brought their customers back to more natural, medicinal alternatives. That is exactly what they did and they are “growing like a weed”.



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Childrens Pancreas Cleanse: Considering Halloween is not far behind us, this may be a good one for the kids. In all seriousness, keeping the pancreas in good working order is especially important in children. This supplement may help promote healthy pancreatic functions in children.  See the real results in action on the Steve Harvey show, where one pastor gave a try in his bid to save his wife’s life.

Dherbs: When People Need A Life Change

According to an online story on, Pastor Hosea Collins lost 130lbs using Dherbs’ Body Cleanses. offers herbal supplements and a full body cleanse, says the article. The CEO of the company, A.D. Dolphin, was scheduled to appear with Pastor Collins on the Steve Harvey Show on June 6 of this year.  You can see that appearance on the show’s official website


They discussed Pastor Collins’ weight loss during the past 7 months. He used controlled portions, Dherbs Cleansing regimens and exercise, says the article. In that amount of time, Pastor Collins lost 130lb. He currently weighs 222lb. and was formerly at 352lb.


This Digital Journal article explains that Pastor Collins’ wife needed a kidney transplant to save her life, which is why the pastor needed His ministry is focused on helping others and helping them find purpose in their lives. He believes that everyone can use their purpose to make needful changes in their lives.


Pastor Collins offered to donate one of his kidneys to save his wife’s life. Unfortunately, he was morbidly obese. For health reasons, the doctors denied his request to donate his kidney to his wife, says the article. Instead of being defeated, this pastor practiced what he preached and took action.


With the help of Dherbs, he lost the necessary weight and was admitted to the kidney donation program for his wife. Collins will donate a kidney to the program whether or not he is a match for his wife. His goal is to get down to his high school weight of 200lb. That will be a total loss of 152lbs. is an online herbal store that sells complete herbal cleanses and supplements. Customers can order what they want and it will be delivered to their door. One of the most popular Dherbs product is their 10 day cleanse, which was one of the things that Pastor Collins used.


They have all different types of supplements for different conditions. People can even buy cleanses and supplements for their pets from For those wanting more information about herbs, cleanses, and holistic health, Dherbs has eBooks and other informational guides.  Get a third party review of, and their full body cleanse on News One.

Healthy By The Markus Rothkranz Example

In the video, Raising a Healthy Child, with Cara Brotman, featured on Markus Rothkranz YouTube channel, Cara explains her methods for not only offering children a healthy diet, but helping them want a healthy diet. In the video Cara shows a clip from a home movie where her son, at a very young age, tells her he wants a drink, and his drink of choice was prune juice. Cara proceeds to explain the kinds of foods that were incorporated in their diet, and those that were left out. She specifically explains that her grocery purchases were 95% produce and that they didn’t have soda in the house. Her son is featured in the video sharing his appreciation for his mother’s example and the choices she made in raising him. He explains that not only did their diet contribute to his health, but family activities such as rollerblading and exercising. For a while, her son, like most teenagers, rebelled against his mother’s strictly healthy lifestyle, but once he realised that the lifestyle he had switched to was making him sick and in pain, he knew that his mother’s choices for their family had been what was best for them, and he decided to make the switch back to a more natural diet. In the video her son also explains that he is not only eating healthy, but he is specifically using the Markus formula now, like his mother. Clearly Cara’s son has been blessed to have a mother who provided such a healthy lifestyle and example for her child.