Nathaniel Ru: Entrepreneur

Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet founded Sweetgreen, a post-workout snack. After meeting in college, the team of students noticed the limited options for healthy food that was affordable in their college town. They soon created a vision and made a business plan, despite their lack of prior experience.


However, their company became successful because they approached the business in a new way. With the small space they had to work with, they had to become creative and pick and choose what was most important to them about their business.


While this was not a school project, the trio used their resources from school to help with research and development for their business. They applied their learning to creating a successful brand.


In their classes, they learned about business and the importance of the value of their product. They also learned how important service was to their customers and made sure to make that a top priority.


The trio also made sure to incorporate community service into their business. They created a program called “Sweetgreen in Schools” which educates children about nutritious foods and and healthy living through hands on learning.


The trio stresses that children should know about food in order to be healthy themselves, so they try to reach out and teach them about healthy living. The also connect with their community through music, which is where Sweetlife came to life.


This festival is defined as a party with a purpose and involves healthy eating while listening to some popular bands. People responded well to this concept and the party has continued to grow throughout the years. It has also evolved into several locations in order to spread awareness.


Sweetgreen is based on the ideas of winning, thinking sustainably, keeping it real, adding a sweet touch, and making an impact on peoples’ lives. They pride themselves on the talent that they hire to keep their business model going strong.


They see their product as an embodiment of their values. Although it is a food company, they also believe in true human connections and reach their customers on all levels.


In the thirteen years this company has been open, nutrition in the area has significantly improved. Students are able to now eat fresh salads on the go instead of prepackaged food. This helps to create a healthy lifestyle.


Town Residential is One of the Most Successful Real Estate Companies

The market for real estate in New York City is very hard. It is a market that has an extremely high demand and a very small supply of the things that the people of the city are demanding. Residential is one of the hardest types of real estate for people in New York City to be able to get and many real estate agents truly struggle with residential properties.


Town Residential does not struggle. When they first started out, they made the contacts that they needed to be able to be successful in the city. They wanted to make sure that they were doing the best job possible and this meant that they needed to ensure that they were doing the most for the people who they were working for. This meant that they needed to make friends with many other people in the industry and to find the right people who would be able to help them in the business.


Another way in which Town Residential has set themselves apart is by showing clients that they truly need them. They want their clients to know that they are needed and that they are doing the best for their business. They also want their clients to know that their happiness is Town Residential’s number one priority. By showing their clients this, they are able to help their clients have a better way to deal with things than many of the other real estate agencies in the city.


When Town Residential first started, they got in with many developers in the city. This allowed them to have some of the best access to the newest developments in the city. They were able to give their clients the first choice when it came to everything that the city had to offer. They wanted their clients to be able to have the best when it came to the different things that they offered in the city. They were able to provide them with this by making sure that they were close with developers who would give them the best access to each of these developments.


All of the hard work that Town Residential did in the past has now truly paid off. It wasn’t really the past, though. Town Residential has only been in business for a short three years. They were only started a few years ago and they have already gone far above and beyond what most real estate agencies do in triple that amount of time. To show that they have been successful, it is important to note that Town Residential has now opened up their tenth office in the short amount of time that they have been in business.


Embrace Healthy Living While Protecting Your Retirement With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is focused on helping people to achieve their lifetime goals. The company offers financial advisory services and health guidelines. Their physical location is in Winter Garden, Florida, and among people they work with are entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for better money management strategies. Also among things The Midas Legacy works on include health, wealth and overall improved living. They are concerned about offering a complete package that can improve the lives of their clients.

For entrepreneurs
Making decisions is among things an entrepreneur will do every day and any mistake in the process could bring about losses. The Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs with information and tips that will improve their decision making and help them understand how to interpret conditions in the market. They work with professionals who think outside the box to spot opportunities that can be embraced to make a business better. Most institutions do not pay attention to all the aspects of life that can affect a business, and this is what The Midas Legacy focuses on to help entrepreneurs make decisions that will expand their businesses.

The company conducts research before giving information to clients. This assures their clients that the information handed over is reliable and a reflection of the state of the market. Those who fear about making bad decisions, therefore, enjoy peace of mind when they opt for The Midas Legacy for financial advisory and management services.

Sean Bower, who has been in the journalism industry for years, is among professionals who contribute services to help The Midas Legacy in executing their role to clients. Bower has been writing about financial markets and economy for years, thereby gaining special analytical skills that also guide him in helping clients at The Midas Legacy. He is also part of the online creative team that writes for The Midas Legacy.

Jim Samson is another expert who has been in the company for years and his knowledge in entrepreneurship and real estate has been a vital addition. He is a renowned entrepreneur and has invested in the financial markets and real estate for decades, thereby gaining experience necessary when guiding other people at The Midas Legacy.

All these consultants are there to help individuals maximize their time. Those who follow the guidelines offered by consultants from The Midas Legacy have recorded success in their businesses. One will not only maximize retirement benefits, but also improve overall health.

Advanced Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping condition that affects many people in the world today. The effects of this disease are becoming clear to medical professional in the recent past. Many people are being diagnosed with the condition each passing day.


Medical practitioners conducted a research just recently and made an unusual discovery about sleep apnea: there is a relationship between sleep apnea and some conditions such as stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. This discovery has come as a great shock to the doctors who have seen the urgency to find reliable and better treatments for the disease.


One of the doctors working hard to come up with better sleep apnea treatment is Avi Weisfogel. The dentist has started one of the biggest organizations in the country, known as Dental Sleep Masters that seeks to help individuals who are suffering from dental complications or sleep conditions.


Today, Avi Weisfogel and the Dental Sleep Masters are trying their best to treat and also diagnose people who are living with the condition. According to the experienced dentist, more than ninety percent of the sleep apnea patients in the United States are not yet diagnosed or treated, and more awareness is needed. This is why the team is trying their best to shine a light on the lives of the people suffering from the condition.


There is new hope for the individuals living with the condition as more doctors in different fields are committed to finding a cure for sleep apnea. Dentists are also specializing in this department each passing day to understand the relationship between sleeping conditions and dental health.


Avi Weisfogel is one of the most respected dentists in the world, and he is also one of the people who are making a difference in the lives of individuals with sleep conditions. Apart from being a successful dentist, Weisfogel is involved in philanthropic activities. He has a particular interest in children, and Avi has started several projects to help them. Not long ago, he was raising funds for children with different facial deformities. The money collected was used for surgeries, and the children were given a better future.

Nathaniel Ru: The Co-founder of Sweetgreen

A writer from Tech Insider became an instant fan of Sweetgreen, when this fast-growing salad chain opened a new branch two blocks from his office. At first he was a little hesitant to jump into the bandwagon when his friends heaped superlatives about the restaurant. However, after his first try, he understood why people endure the long lines in the same way that obsessed customers line up for a new iPhone.


He said it was delicious, describing the wonderful combination of a tangy dressing over vibrant lettuce enhanced by great-tasting cheese crumbles. This Tech Insider threw his full support for Sweetgreen after realizing that he did not have the same experience with other restaurants that serve the same type of lunch salad, and that is not going hungry 45 minutes after eating.


Great tasting and reasonably priced healthy alternative to burger and fries made Sweetgreen an instant hit in four metropolitan areas. It started in Washington, DC in the year 2007. A few years later it expanded to New York, California, Boston, and Chicago.


Nathaniel Ru, the co-founder of Sweetgreen hatched the idea of developing a healthy eating option while he was still a student at Georgetown University. Ru a first generation immigrant shared the reason for the company’s astounding success, and he said that choosing the right location and timing the opening of a new branch are critical factors. He said the decision to open the first Sweetgreen store located at 28th and Broadway was due to the need to create a distinction, as well as to distance itself from other fast casual dining places that dotted New York’s 23rd street.


Ru pointed to Kevin Plank, Under Armour’s CEO as one of the business leaders he admired the most, and he said that a company should stand for something beyond products and services.


Without a doubt Ru like Under Armour’s business model, but a quick tour of Sweetgreen’s New York branches reminds first time visitors of an Apple store that succeeds in the seamless integration of top notch one-on-one service and cutting edge technology.


Those who wanted a more traditional approach to ordering their lunch salads stands in line for an average 15 minute wait period. When it is their turn to order, they will talk to a team member who will walk them through the whole process, which takes about two to three minutes to complete. It seems not a big deal to spend precious time in order to eat healthy. However, those who do not have the luxury of time can download the Sweetgreen app into their smartphones, they can order using the said app, skip the long lines, and go straight to a pick up area.


Ru said that everything you will see in a Sweetgreen store is the byproduct of service design – he said it is the combined effect of storytelling, technology, and store design for the purpose of selling a product in a personalized way without sacrificing quality and efficiency.


Mr. Ru co-founded Sweetgreen with fellow Georgetown alumni Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. He is the son of immigrants. He holds a BS in Finance degree from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Three months after his graduation from the said university, he and his friends created a startup that has now expanded into six states. In 2010, Ru, Jammet, and Neman launched Sweetlife, a music and food festival that attracts twenty thousand people. This is a testament to Ru’s belief that it is important to create food that fits your values, imagination, and community.


Hippeas: Livio Bistro’s Approach to Snacking


peace livio bisterzo graffiti


The flavored organic chickpea puffs known as Hippeas began as a twinkle in the eye of Livio Bisterzo as he started planning on making the world a better place for snackers.


Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Brands, the innovative food company that is behind the production of Hippeas. He founded the company in 2015 with the desire to improve the food industry world and society overall by creating better, healthier snacks. His idea was to create something that would have both a positive and lasting social and cultural impact.


Hippeas are Bisterzo’s first step toward achieving that goal. He designed them in such a way to be good for snackers, farmers, and the Earth. This three-fold approach has worked well for the snack so far.


The first part deals with making Hippeas good for those who eat them. They’re open to many different kinds of snackers due to the fact that they are gluten-free, vegan and kosher. Additionally, each of the six flavors has less than 100 calories per pack. They’re good for the snackers, and they come in a variety of flavors to make them appeal to snacker’s tastebuds too.


The second part of Bisterzo’s approach is making the snack good for those who grow and make it. He created the slogan “Peas, Love & Giving Back” to approach this. Bisterzo used the mission behind this slogan to partner with the charity Farm Africa. Hippeas helps support farmers in eastern Africa by assisting them with getting out of poverty.


The final part of Bisterzo’s approach is making sure that the snack itself contributes to the health of the world instead of contributing to its destruction. In order to accomplish this, Bisterzo purposefully picked chickpeas to make his snack from. They release nitrogen back into the Earth, which in turn helps maintain a balance on the farms on which they’re grown.


These three parts of Bisterzo’s plan work together to create a product that is more than just a product. It is, instead, an activist movement. What all started as a twinkle in this man’s eye, is slowly but surely changing the world for the better.

Chopper Trading’s Sponsorship of the Annual PAWS Fur Ball

Sponsoring events is one of the best ways for a company to achieve publicity. A company’s image even gets better when the event being sponsored promotes a good cause.

Chopper Trading decided to demonstrate their support for community and their stand on promoting animal rights by sponsoring the annual PAWS fur ball. Through the efforts of Raj Fernando, its former chief executive officer, Chopper Trading was able to earn an invitation to be one of the sponsors of the event.

Raj Fernando said in a blog release that helping to build and develop a community that does not support the killing of cats and dogs is one of the most favorite ways for him to give back to community. The former CEO founder and of Chopper Trading has remained very supportive of the communities that supported his endeavors for years.

The annual event is held at Drake Hotel, located in Chicago. The event hosts dogs and cats that are dressed in black ties. Mr. Fernando acknowledged that the event was one of a kind where animals were treated in a humane manner.

The dogs get to enjoy a buffet dinner, a complimentary spa service, and the best pet-sitting gear. Their owners enjoy dancing and live entertainment. The event also includes a dog communicator that often spark a lot of interest from the crowd.

PAWS hold various auctions to raise funds needed to keep the organization running smoothly. The prizes in the events are innovative and attractive to the audience. Those prizes include ski trips and tours on the best golf greens in USA.

The event captures the attention of many people including well-known individuals and famous musicians like Billy Corgan. Mr. Fernando described the event as a successful fundraiser and one of his most favorite events of the year.

Raj Fernando founded Chopper Trading in 2002 after serving on the Chicago board of trade for ten years. He previously worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he served in various managerial positions.

Raj is an economics and history degree holder from Beloit College. He also studied at University College of London. He currently serves as the CEO of as well as being a board member of several high-profile institutions.

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The Success of Nathaniel Ru Company Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is an American chain of restaurant that serves simple, healthy and seasonal foods. Sweetgreen was started in the year 2007 by three George Town University graduates three months after their graduation. The three friends started off as a single shop, and they were funded by 40 friends and relatives. Today Sweetgreen has a chain of 40 outlets across the country having employed about 1,700 employees. The three Sweetgreen founders are Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru.


Sweetgreen has grown to become one of the biggest restaurant chains in America today. It concentrates on providing quality delicious food to the community. Sweetgreen source organic ingredients from local farmers and partners to prepare delicious meals always. More and more customers have loved and adopted the diet, and this has kept Sweetgreen growing daily. The restaurant chain has completed a three round of venture capital which amounts to $95 million. It was one of the most successful restaurant chains starts in the United States.


When Nathaniel and his friends were still in college, they were wondering what they would do after graduation. They came up with an idea to start a small restaurant where their target customers were students. Since all of their parents were entrepreneurs, they had no issue with management and this greatly contributed to the growth of their company. Nicholas Jammet Parents owned a restaurant, and this benefited the trio with some tips of operating a restaurant and handling the food business in general.


Nathaniel Ru the current CEO and a co-founder of Sweetgreen. He studied at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007 with a BS in Finance. He has served the company as the CEO since the beginning, and his leadership has earned the company success. In 202 together with his partners, they launched Sweetlife Festival. The festival is the largest Georgetown’s biggest food and music festival. It attracts over 20,000 attendees. The event features top chefs, farmers, artists and food trucks. In the past, they have featured Kendrick Lamar and other prominent artists at the Sweetlife Festival.


Under Nathaniel Ru’s leadership, the Sweetgreen Company has received some press accolades including the Washington post, Food and Wine, USA Today, Forbes, Bloomberg, Washingtonian CNBC and CBS. The trio was also named by Forbes in top 30 under 30: Food and wine. They have worked incredibly hard, for the success of their restaurant chain across the United States.