Goettl Air Conditioning Bringing Comfort to Your Homes.

Goettl has for 72 years been offering clients tremendous services. The company provides all different types of high-quality heating and air conditioning services. Goettl Air Conditioning services are indeed, grand. The company recently received great reviews on Angie’s List. Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 by Gus and Adam Goettl. Goettl Air Conditioning has offices in the great Phoenix and Tucson areas. Goettl offers exemplary services to both commercial and residential HVAC and installation applications. The company has experienced management team with a dedicated customer service and highly trained technical experts.

Goettl Air Conditioning services include:

Phoenix Cooling Services; They have several cooling services for residential, among them heat pump, air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance, design, and replacements. The company also offers emergency services and installs high-efficiency cooling systems.

Phoenix Heating Services; Goettl Air Conditioning has a number of full range heating services for residential, among them, heat pump integration, gas and electric furnace installation, radiant heating and installation services. Maintenance services of air handler, ductless heating service, dual fuel system and home service plans.
Phoenix Indoor Air Quality; Goettl Air Conditioning as a company are dedicated to giving families comfort and safety. The company does offer full house humidification and air cleaning, air duct cleaning and testing, digital thermostat installation, and integration of UV germicidal lights services.

The temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona average about 90o. With such high temperature, it is hard to live in a house without air conditioning comfortably. Goettl Air Conditioning indeed does understand these challenges facing the people of Phoenix and aims to give them the best solutions to these problems. Accordingly, their services are available 24/7.

Choosing an air conditioner on your own can be challenging. It is hard to know what exactly fits your home and how much it will cost. There are factors that one can consider when buying a good air conditioner such as price, warranty, durability and hiring a real professional. Goettl has experts that come in handy when you are in the market for a new air conditioner.

It is crucial to choose an air conditioner with proper sizing for your home. The trick is not choosing the biggest air conditioner and most powerful is not always the best. A poor installation of an air conditioner can lead to reduced longevity or a short cycle. With Goettl Air Conditioning all these challenges are instantly solved. There are many customer reviews to back up their services.

SEC Whistleblower Experts Continue To Find Legal Success

The announcement that Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower attorney team has been part of the second largest award for an individual in the history of the program should come as no surprise to those with a knowledge of the financial industry. The Labaton Sucharow team has been built specifically with the assistance of individuals calling attention to financial wrongdoing taking place in the financial industry, with attorney Jordan A. Thomas leading the team after spending much of his recent history working to help write the Dodd-Frank Act; the Dodd-Frank Act established the SEC Whistleblower program and the Investor Protection Fund that pays financial awards to whistleblowers whose information assists a case being brought.

The latest award of $17 million has been given to an individual who assisted the Securities and Exchange Commission in finding evidence of financial wrongdoing by members of the financial industry. In an interview given by Jordan A. Thomas after the case was successfully brought to an end the attorney explained his belief that many more individuals would begin to come forward to reveal what they believe to be financial issues with companies across the board. Read more:

The team at Labaton Sucharow have been assembled to make sure every aspect of any whistleblowers activities are examined and investigated before the case is even brought to the attention of the SEC; the team hope to make sure each and every case they bring is of the highest quality to ensure the best chance of success. Not only will the team attempt to secure the best possible award for the individual whistleblower they represent, but they also work hard to make sure each individual has their anonymity protected throughout any case to avoid any retaliation taking place from an employer or other employees of a company.

The SEC also works to protect the identities of individual whistleblowers by not revealing details of which cases were brought because of whistleblower information, and paying awards based on fines levied from the Investor Protection Fund. Jordan A. Thomas understands the problems facing those who become whistleblowers in the financial industry after being involved in cases of retaliation against individual whistleblowers and other major issues that have made him sure of the need for anonymity for all who bring evidence.

Hippeas is a new snack that is healthy and offers a way to do some good for the Earth

livio hippeas green park


Hippeas is a new organic healthy chickpea snack that claims that it is “good for you and good for the Earth” too. Made from chickpeas, Hippeas snacks are a healthy alternative to traditional high-calorie, nutritionally bankrupt snacks. Hippeas was introduced to the market to target consumers that want snacks that are healthy. In addition, it also appeals to those consumers that care about the Planet Earth. Hippeas is a snack that anyone would be proud to pick up from the grocery shelf. The company that makes Hippeas snacks, Green Park Holdings, has partnered with Farm Africa on the Food for Good initiative to support Sub-Saharan Africa farmers become more productive and competitive. For every pack of Hippeas sold, Green Park Holdings will donate money to the Food for Good initiative. This initiative enables African chickpea farmers to grow their way out of poverty.


Livio Bisterzo, an influential Italian entrepreneur, founded Green Park Holdings, the company that makes Hippeas, back in 2015. This innovative food company is focused in the fast-growing nutrition and health markets. Its mission is to create innovative food and drinks brands that are unique from other products in both their taste and impact on the world. The company wants to prompt social and behavioral change with its line of socially-conscious snacks and drinks. Green Park’s first brand, Hippeas does just that. Health conscious as well as socially-conscious millennial consumers will find that Hippeas satisfies their need for a snack that is good for them and good for others too.


Hippeas are vegan, gluten-free and kosher. They are high in protein and fiber. In addition, these tasty snacks are low in fat, as well. Hippeas do not contain any MSG or GMO. Consumers can choose from a variety of interesting flavors, including Sriracha Sunrise, Far Out Fajita, Maple Haze, Pepper Power and Happenin’ Hickory. Hippeas are sold at select Starbucks locations across the United States. To learn more about Hippeas, check out their

How Mike Baur Supports the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur, a business Startup expert and his business incubation company, The Start Up Factory have become extremely famous for making a huge impact on the lives of a vast array of young investors. Baur has the expertise to change the lives of upcoming business people who are willing to do what it takes to acquaint themselves with the aspects that determine the success of any business tycoon. Today, this firm has become the stepping-stone toward success in any lucrative business venture since the apprentices learn how to handle the challenges that afflict many small and big business during their formative years. The experts in the commercial sector believe that a broad range of small businesses fails within the first five years and ironically, they do so when the future starts to look bright.


The main problem is that once these businesses start to grow, they are unable to handle the growth or handle the demands of a larger customer base, sagging under their own weight in the end. The Swiss startup corporation instills the right mindset in these entrepreneurs so that they can start, furnish, trade, and have what it takes to take their business careers to the nest level. In the end, Baur has made a great contribution when it comes to shaping the minds of the next generation of global business moguls. One of the tenets of this organization is innovation. Baur believes that innovation is the key to victory, and that an innovative entrepreneur can have a competitive edge over his rivals in the business arena.


Mike Baur has also made a tremendous impact in the finance sector for a long time. Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Baur has amassed tons of experience with over 20 years while working in a vast array of Swiss Banks. Baur began his business career as an apprentice, and after working his way up, he has managed to climb the ranks to the top of the business food chain, becoming one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the globe.


Baur has shaped the minds of many budding entrepreneurs by teaching them the key lessons that these young business people need to thrive in the business arena. This sector has lots of challenges and unfortunately, what you do not know can hurt you. By understanding the reasons why many businesses fail within a few years, an aspiring entrepreneur can navigate these challenges easily. Understanding how to handles these challenges will allow the next generation of entrepreneurs to anticipate failure and take the right steps toward victory by thinking of the solutions to these problems beforehand.

Andy Wirth Wins Olympic Valley Incorporation Battle

Lake Tahoe Northern shores have had a rough time in the recent years. The area experienced a serious drought that affected the resorts and the businesses that depend on them. To make matters worse, the region had to deal with a political challenge in addition to the natural calamity.

The political challenge was as a result of the battle to Olympic Valley Incorporation, the home to various North America iconic resorts such as Squaw Valley Resort. Things got worse as time went by. It was extremely difficult for the resorts to make any money during this time.

However, Andy Wirth and the Lake Tahoe community can finally afford a smile. Andy Wirth is the CEO and President of the most iconic resort in the area, Squaw Valley. There will be a relief to both problems very soon.

According to the news published in the Reno-Gazette, the past four years have been extremely tough, especially for Andy Wirth. Early this season, Mother Nature offered the area the help they needed by providing early storms that were accompanied by very cold temperatures. Thanks to this climate, Squaw Valley and the rest of the resorts managed to open their businesses weeks earlier than their normal time.

The group backing the incorporation idea also provided relief when they decided to formally withdraw their efforts to make sure that Olympic Valley was incorporated. Andy and his team considered the incorporation idea to be a big threat to the business in the region and also the civic climate. Wirth and his resort had to spend thousands of dollars in the battle to ensure that the idea did not succeed. This team believed that Olympic Valley was incorporated; resident would have to pay very high taxes.

The incorporation of Olympic Valley would have been a true recipe for serious disaster. The long term effects would be a big threat to the businesses and residents, because Olympic Valley would be separated from the rest of Northern Tahoe resorts. The small businesses that depend on the resorts would also have suffered seriously.

Since his appointment to the top position in Squaw Valley Holdings on saveolympicvalley.org, Andy has worked very hard to make the resort one of the best destinations for tourists in the world. Apart from being the CEO of the resort, Andy is also one of the main contributors especially to the environmental and community services in Lake Tahoe region. His major focus is to improve the region for everyone, regardless of their age.

Not long ago, Wirth had an almost fatal skydiving accident. His arm was seriously injured, and he spends many months in the hospital. After several surgeries, his arm was restored, and that’s when he started an Ironman Team known as Wounded Warrior Support.