How To Weather Any Storm That Threatens Your Business

Countless hours have gone into realizing your dream. Building your business up from nothing to see it shine is a very rewarding feeling. This feeling however can be short lived when bad apples threaten your reputation with negative publicity and attacks from all corners. Business is built on integrity and trust as customers will always do business with a company that they know, like and trust. Therefore it is vital that these standards are upheld if business is to remain successful.

Business’s that grow into large entities often experience a negative side of business that runs along side. This is due to the jealousy of others. All business is run by people and people are often times not rational thinkers. They let emotions take charge and will look for ways to attack the business, product or service they envy. It is simply not enough to just ignore these attacks and leave them unchallenged as they can cause this gossip to spread to others customers. This must be avoided at all cost and can be done using They have experience when it comes to cleaning up online reputations.

There are 5 steps that any entrepreneur can follow to ensure they deal with attackers the right way. First thing to remember is to never return any shots fired as this could tarnish your reputation further and does not shed a good light on the business. Secondly provide all other existing customers with assurance that all business will continue as before. Thirdly change the negativity into positivity simply by adding further value to the service or product you sell. This will ensure customers ignore the gossip around. Step 4 is to find help from experienced entities such as, who have aided those in similar situations. Lastly do not pay too much attention to the negative gossip by haters, focus on the task at hand and make your reason for building your business resonate. This will ensure all energy is channeled into positive forward motion.

NutriMost Rivals Healthy Living


Nutrimost, a weight loss company, is suing its rival company, Healthy Living, using Nutrimost’s video on their website. The video that Healthy Living posted replaced any mention of Nutrimost with their own diet, the “Can’t Lost Diet.”

The testimonials from the original video were kept in place, along with weight loss claims. Nutrimost claims to help people lose 20 to 45 pounds in 40 days with no hunger or exercise, which mirrors the claims of Healthy Living. Healthy Living kept this video on their website for quite some time before Nutrimost sought a court order that barred Healthy Living from posting the video again, as well as seeking $300,000 for the damages Nutrimost suffered from the pirating.

Nutrimost helps clients to lose weight by providing personalized meals and recipes for each person, depending on their specific needs. The complete nutrition program helps to heal the body from the inside out on a cellular basis. While on the Nutrimost system, clients are provided with recipes that are tasty and easy to make.

Some popular Nutrimost recipes include BBQ Beef Pepper Poppers, Turkey Sausage, and Caramel Cottage Cheese dip. The great thing about this type of weight loss is that it comes with no prepackaged food that is not palatable, as well as no drugs, or additional hormones. Surgery is certainly not required to fulfill the promises that the Nutrimost System makes.


American Billionaire Investor George Soros Is Back In The Game And The Game Is Buying Gold

Hungarian-born hedge fund investor George Soros once said: “All of economic history is one lie and deceit after another. Your job as a speculator is to get on when the lie is being propagated and then get off before it is discovered.” That’s the way Soros has managed to amass an incredible fortune in the hedge fund industry. The 85-year-old George Soros is a master at betting for and against the odds, and he usually is on the winning side of the bet. One of his latest bets is in the gold market. According to the Wall Street Journal, Soros is in-it-to-win-it in the gold market. One of his first moves was to buy millions of shares of gold miner Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold Corporation is a huge precious metal miner, and the value of Barrick Gold’s stock have been going up like a hot air balloon on helium filled steroids since Soros made that investment.

Soros has been described in many ways over the years. He’s known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” when his Soros Fund Management made $7 billion betting the UK would devalue the pound sterling in 1992. George has been called an old man that likes to stir the pot when he warned the world that a global recession on the scale of the 2008 recession was in the works and could last for years. George Soros has been called an old coot that doesn’t know the real facts when he told the European Union how he thought the migration issues should be handled. But Soros doesn’t care about the names. Soros cares about the world and where it is headed. He also cares about making money, and he’s good at it.

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George Soros just made big bearish bets? Everybody panic… and then consider buying

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Soros loves to play the investment game. He is not just an investor. He is a gambler that isn’t afraid to bet big. But Soros is also a humanitarian. He is helping people around the world discover democracy and the open society concept. Soros is the founder of the Open Society Institute. The Institute has branches in more than 20 countries. The people in those countries are being denied their human rights by oppressive governments. Soros has been spending a great deal of his time working with his Open Society foundation, but he recently turned his focus to the investment world and gold was his main target.

Most investors know that gold is one asset that is not impacted y global economic conditions. The gold market moves up and down depending on supply and demand. And demand is way up in the first three months of 2016. Soros and other hedge fund managers think gold is going to continue to increase in value. Gold is currently trading at $1,300 an ounce, but Soros thinks gold will top the all-time high of $1,900 an ounce this year. And when it does Mr. Soros and his family hedge fund will make billions more on their investment.

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Officials At Madison Street Capital Provide An Overview Of Hedge Fund Markets

The state of the world’s capital markets is one that often gets a lot of attention. Capital flow can take place from one region to another as well as from industry to another. Underlying this issue is capital management. In the last decade or so, one of the most common ways of managing capital has been that of the hedge fund. Hedge funds are a highly respected vehicle that many institutions turn to in order to achieve their desired results for their investors. One company that has been carefully watching the hedge fund industry is Madison Street Capital. In a recently issued report, those at the company take a careful look at the state of the hedge fund industry over the last twelve months.
Cautious But Very Hopeful

As officials here report, there have been many deals made in this area. The number of transactions are up in comparison to deals that were made in the last year. This is making it clear that more and more big institutions of all kinds are choosing to invest in this kind of fiscal vehicle. The same is true of smaller investors with lesser assets who are also seeking to enjoy a higher rate of return on their overall capital. As the authors of the report point out, hedge funds have now seen more assets placed under the view of hedge fund managers that ever before in human history. This is why hedge funds are expected to continue to be seen as an important part of both the United States fiscal markets and markets overseas as well. Those who manage hedge funds are expected to seek out new ways of generating returns that match or even beat the overall market in the near future.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of the nation’s most widely respected capital fiscal management companies. Officials here offer a full service approach to investing that is ideal for investors of all backgrounds. They welcome business investors in search of capital to help start a new business. They also welcome small investors who are looking for the best possible way to help beat the existing markets. As a result, their efforts have been greeted happily by investors all over the globe as well as those in the United States. The company expects to see growth as they face the next decade confident they can be of help.

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NutriMost Sues Alleged Copycat Competitor


According to a story in the New York Daily News published in December, 2015, NutriMost is a popular weight loss plan that claims you lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days. NutriMost is now suing competing weight loss company Healthy Living. The suit alleges Healthy Living pirated a NutriMost promotional video.

The video in question was posted on Healthy Living’s website, Healthy Living apparently ignored a cease-and-desist order issued by the Manhattan Federal Court and did not remove the video. At that point, NutriMost filed suit. NutriMost appears to have a strong case. The video includes material that is identical to the NutriMost version, except for name changes. The wording of testimonials and of a statement by NutriMost founder Dr. Ray Wismiewski are also duplicated.

NutriMost has managed to get the offending video taken off the Can’t Lose Diet website. Through the lawsuit, NutriMost is seeking $300,000 in damages to its reputation and goodwill.

NutriMost is organized as a network of franchises. According to its website, clients can lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days. Equally important, they can keep the weight off. Participation is supervised by professionals to insure clients lose weight in a healthy and safe way.

The key to the NutriMost system is said to be NRI, which stands for NutriMost Resonance Frequency technology. The company says this technology takes about 3,000 readings of how a person’s bodily functions. NutriMost professionals use this data to craft a weight loss plan tailored to the individual. The NutriMost secret is simple: because your weight loss plan is designed just for you, it makes sense that it gets better results than generic weight loss programs.

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Nutrimost Gains Success in Weight Loss and Good Health

A recent article published online revealed startling evidence behind the success of one of the fastest growing diet programs today. The Nutrimost program is tailored to fit the individual needs people have when trying to lose weight. It does not rely on the traditional concept of one plan for all people. The basic premise behind the system is to help people lose weight to become healthier. People who carry excess pounds are often subject to suffering a variety of health related conditions. These conditions could include diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

A Program Designed to Target Fat
The customization of the Nutrimost program relies on obtaining a measure of a person’s visceral fat. This fat is what builds up within the abdomen causing the person to have a protruding belly. By measuring this fat, the professionals can determine how to go about creating a plan to help the body shed the excess fat it is storing. Belly fat is also a good indication of fat deposits pressing on the interior organs of the body. Many people with interior deposits of fat are treated for the symptoms that manifest without ever addressing the underlying cause, which is the excess fat.

The success of the Nutrimost program can be seen in the many individuals it has helped. A 71-year-old man had been diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea. Like many people his age, he was placed on a number of medications to help control the health conditions he had. He was also overweight with deposits of visceral fat. This elderly gentleman chose to try the Nutrimost program to lose weight and get healthy. Not only was he able to shed 80 pounds of unwanted fat, but he also got rid of his high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and sleep apnea.

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