Sanjay Shah; The Rock That Solo Capital is Built Upon

Solo Capital Markets is a global one stop solution provider for investment, proprietary trading and consulting needs. Headquartered in London as the trading name of Outperform Capital Ltd, the firm has a strong reputation of credible advisory service that guarantees value maximization. The firm was incorporated in 2011 and has since grown to three specialized units: Professional Sports Investments, Consulting and Proprietary Trading. According to Company Check rating, it currently has a strong asset base of £67.5 million and a cash flow position of £30.3 million. Its net worth currently stands at £15.4 million.

The strides made by Solo Capital to its present glory has been to a large extent aided by its founder and CEO Mr. Sanjay Shah. Sanjay, a British businessman, was born in September 1970. Apart from Solo Capital, Shah own more than a dozen other companies across London, The Cayman Island, Dubai, British Virgin Islands and Malta. As per the last measure of his worth in January 2016, Sanjay was rated at $280 million. Though he considers himself retired from active business, Sanjay’s influence and positive investment culture continues to reverberate in Solo Capital’s business.

Sanjay is not the typical all-for-economic gain investor who can only put his money where it will attract others. He has set up a charity ‘Autism Rocks’ which raises funds for autism research through staging private concerts around the world. His focus on autism was sharpened by a personal experience whereby his youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism. Before this, he still involved himself in charity especially through widely sponsoring kids in India. Nikhil diagnosis gave him an opportunity to re-think a common cause that would help change the world significantly.

Shah’s parents migrated from Kenya to London in the 1960’s. They wanted him to become a doctor and thus enrolled him to study medicine. Sanjay’s passion was however elsewhere in the investment world. He however successfully applies skills learnt in medical school to inform investment decisions mostly by paying attention to detail in dissecting an investment opportunity in its finer details to arrive at risk-free investment decisions.

He doesn’t necessarily need to be present for the company to thrive. The operations are sustainable by themselves with the highly qualified staff working under the successful principles established by Sanjay.

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