Things Are Looking Up For Squaw Valley Resort

The last few years in the Lake Tahoe area have been rough due to a drought and an incorporation battle over Olympic Valley, the place Squaw Valley Resort calls home. There is finally good news on the horizon though. Nature has brought early storms and cold temperatures have brought the much needed deep snow to open the resort earlier than usual. The incorporation effort also has been brought to a halt because they have withdrawn their offer for the area.
The relief couldn’t have come at a better time. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has spent a large chunk of money opposing the incorporation effort because their president and CEO, Andy Wirth, feels it would cause higher taxes on both residents and businesses in the areas as well as lower the levels of services people depend on like snow plowing and road maintenance.
Wirth has referred to the incorporation efforts as a recipe for a fiscal disaster that will threaten all the local business. Now that the incorporation effort has been stopped, Wirth has stated that he wants to work with the community to create better transportation and other community improvements to the Olympic Valley area.
He has spent years of time and effort creating the area into a top ski area and tourist destination. He is also very involved in numerous community improvement efforts as well as environmental improvement efforts.
Wirth also has a great love for the outdoors and adrenaline pumping activities. After he suffered a near fatal accident while sky-diving, he has worked to co-found Wounded Warrior Support, an Ironman team that honors Navy SEALs and helps to raise money to be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Source:The Reno Gazette-Journal

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