A look into Solo Capital, and it’s founder Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital, also known as one of its other alias names Solo Capital Limited, and Solo Capital UK, was found in September of 2011, and has since than been nothing but a success in its field. It is based in London, authorized and regulated in the United Kingdom. However the company has over 39 offices in Dubai and central London. With a total cash flow of £30.26 million by the end of March of 2015, the company has thrived under its leadership. Solo Capital specializes in things such as Proprietary Trading, Consulting, and Professional Sports Investments. The global boutique Investment, Proprietary Trading and Consulting firm grew considerably more expansive as it took over such places as Park Lane capital in 2014.

From the day Sanjay Shah founded the company, it has been a powerhouse in its leading roll in its industry. It may amaze some of you, but Solo Capital was originally run by Sanjay Shah, and a handful of college kids he hired to help him carry the business.

Who is Sanjay Shah?

Sanjay Shah was originally from Kenya, but was moved to Central London as a child with his family.  That means the man who managed to build Solo Capital from the ground up originally had dreams of becoming a doctor. However, partially into his studies he realized this was not what he wanted with his life.

With years spent dedicated to a lengthy list of investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, Sanjay was more than prepared when, in 2009 his job was made redundant due to a financial crisis in the industry. Instead of allowing this to stop him, Sanjay Shah turned it around and made it an opportunity, beginning what was to become Solo Capital on little more than his own ingenuity. A company he originally only gave one year to take off, is now a multi million dollar testament to his hard work and determination.

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The Manse On Marsh, You’re Home

There comes a time in all of our lives that we may need to help our parents or ourselves with our own living arrangements. Instead of relying on a nursing home, the best recommendation would be an independent and an assisted living facility. One of the best independent and assisted living resources is found in the San Luis Obispo area of California, The Manse on Marsh. The Manse on Marsh is an award winning senior community that allows for freedom as well as a safe home for its residents.

This facility is owned by a passion-driven man, Chris Skiff. He has devoted his life to developing exceptional senior communities; so far he has developed over twenty communities on the West Coast. The Manse on Marsh has claimed a dozen awards since 2000. These awards include ‘Best Retirement Community’, ‘Outstanding Contributions’, and ‘Award for Historical Renovation’, among others. Mr. Skiff relies on his experienced and professional staff to help with making The Manse on Marsh a comfortable home for all. His staff includes a director of wellness, an activities director, an executive chef, among other well-qualified professionals.

The residents of the Manse on Marsh have multiple activities to housing based on their own individual needs. There is an assisted living facility, and independent living facility as well as the retirement communities. Each offer events and activities to help the residents adjust to life and make a new home. The Manse on Marsh offers rooftop patios to view the beautiful mountain views.  The list of amenities and services appear endless. The Manse on Marsh can assist with transportation. There is a salon on site along with laundry services and fitness activities. There is an onsite handyman that can help with anything the residents may need in their homes. For the safety of those living at the Manse on Marsh, there is also a 24-hour service that allows for residents to summon for help. The dining staff prepares and serves three meals a day in the dining room as well as the patio.

If there is a place that you could call home in your older years, the Manse on Marsh is it. The elegance of a five-star hotel with all of the comforts of home.  Manse has a new commercial which is pretty great, and really defines what the facility has to offer.

Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes Speaks About The Floods in Xerem

The State Secretary of Health in Brazil is Dr. Sergio Cortes. He was in Xerem on Sunday morning, in, Duque de Caxias. Here, he was surveying the areas that have been affected by the floods many floods that took this week. He was also looking closely at the main shelters where they have many people who have been taking in the local municipal population that has been most affected by such floods. The State Government in this part of the nation has started an important a Dengue Hydration Center that is located at the health center of Xerém. This has been in operation for some time. Visitors here will find there are twelve chairs that are intended for hydration. They will also find that it has the capacity to serve about people each day.

As reported in Extra, Cortes has been doing his best along with his colleagues to help provide the kind of services that people in this region need as a result of the problems they have had with flooding another issues here. The measures that are being taken in this part of Brazil are intended to do multiple things including help provide aid for those living here who may be unable to return home because of the problems the flooding.

His viewpoint here is that much needs to be done as well in the immediate future in order to help provide residents in the area with access to clean drinking water and avoid the outbreak of possible other issues including the potential outbreak of diseases that may linger in the region because of the floods. He and his fellow health officials are aiming to institute measures to help control diseases in this area and to assist residents who may be seeking shelter as a result of the flooding problems.

Dr. Cortes is a highly trained regional doctor with many years of experience in the field of medicine. In his role as one of the nation’s senior leading health officials, he has also rushed to help area residents get access to services of other kinds such as shelter and water that has been purified.

Sergio Cortes and His Long Love for Impersonating MJ

Sergio Cortes has been aware of the genius of Michael Jackson for most of his life. He has not been able to remember a time where Jackson was not part of his life. The Jackson 5 was performing when Sergio was a child, and people were in awe of the younger brother Michael. He stood out as a natural leader so no one was surprised to see him getting into a solo career as he became an adult. Sergio was always mindful of what Jackson was doing, but he never would have guessed that he would become the ultimate MJ impersonator.

According to R7, Sergio has had a the MJ look for a long time. He was getting paid to simply dress as the King of Pop. Now he is singing and dancing on stage in full Michael Jackson wardrobe. This is not a coincidence. Sergio moves like he was destined to do this. He is such a prolific performer. One may have assumed that they were seeing Jackson when he was alive even if they were watching Sergio. This is just how good the illusion is. It takes the hard work that one might imagine when they think of a Michael Jackson performer, but Sergio doesn’t mind. He has a love for the music and the dance moves of MJ. That is the main reason that he does all of this. There is a passion that he has for this.

It seems like Sergio is always practicing, but that is just the way it goes for an entertaining show like the one that he puts on. Sergio manages to give people a wide range of MJ hits. He defines Michael on stage in a way that few people can. He is channeling an MJ spirit effortlessly. There are some high pace dance moves that have become things that people look for.

What most people don’t realize is that Jackson scored many of his biggest hits when he was under 30 years old. He had the energy and the ability to dance non-stop. As he got older he would become less inclined to combine so many large dance numbers and his song selection would change.

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Nicki Minaj’s Latest Self-indulgent Escapade Exposes Greed And Human Rights Violations

It’s difficult to choose which is worse for Nicki Minaj in her latest self-indulgent escapade. First, the famous rapper left her longtime boyfriend housebound in his home state of Pennsylvania so that she could get on a private jet with friends to party it up on a trans-Atlantic flight. The plane was reportedly full of champagne and other treats for the rapper and her girlfriends. Meek Mills, Minaj’s boyfriend, was ordered to stay home by a judge for violating probation. Instead of supporting her boyfriend through a difficult time, she chose to party with her girls.

But what is even more appalling, as the Human Rights Foundation points out in an open letter that has gone viral, is the destination of the plane. The rapper flew to Angola to put on a concert for a dictator known for human right violations. “President” José Eduardo dos Santos rules the country with an iron fist and has been linked to countless crimes against his own people, including murder. He has unilaterally taken over the operations of the government and now controls the means of production to the country’s vast natural resources, which include diamonds. And since he controls the military, nobody really opposes him.

You probably haven’t heard about that second part; the part where Nicki Minaj receives a large sum of money through the dictator’s shell company in order to plat a concert in his family’s name. That part isn’t covered much in the mainstream popular media because it is a heavy subject. You could argue, like Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has, that she is complicit in the crimes of the dictator and by playing the concert, she affirming his terrible actions and increasing his power.

His father endured beatings and putrid conditions because he spoke up against the government. Then his mother was shot during a political protest in New York. Seeing the efforts put forth by his parents and what they endured for their beliefs inspired him to found the Human Rights Foundation.

So far, the foundation has focused on spreading democratic ideals across South America. But Thor Halvorssen has intelligently jumped on the opportunity to expose the Angolan dictator by writing an open letter to a world famous pop star. We can only hope he continues such inspired work.

State Agency Says Olympic Valley Incorporation Not Feasible

When a group Olympic Valley, California residents decided to start a petition to incorporate the community, property owners and local businesspersons immediately began debating the issue. Those in favor of incorporation wanted to turn Olympic Valley into a town, so the community could govern itself by electing a town council.

Proponents of Olympic Valley’s incorporation spend thousands of dollars to back the proposal, while opponents spent even more money to oppose the petition. An article published through the Reno Gazette-Journal, which summarized the debate, noted that Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Resort, spoke out against incorporation. In the end, the state’s Local Agency Formation Commission determined that Olympic Valley’s incorporation was not a fiscally sound proposal; therefore voters would not get to decide the issue.

As reported in Powder Magazine, Squaw Valley Ski Resort plans to build a gondola to connect skiers with Alpine Meadows, another ski resort owned by KSL Capital Partners, the owners of the Squaw Valley Resort. By connecting the two resorts, Andy’s plan is to make the area a preeminent destination for up to 300,000 skiers annually. Fortunately, Andy Wirth was recently appointed chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, so, according to a news release in the Sierra Sun, Wirth will have the chance to increase the number of Lake Tahoe tourists coming to ski by increasing the number of flights destined for the airport.

It’s hard to imagine that one man, who has a demanding job and serves as chairman of the airport board, can also find time to work with many community service organizations, nevertheless, Andy Wirth manages to do all of this, and more. According to Wirth’s website, he is now the CEO of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which gives him an additional way to focus on his passion; making the Lake Tahoe region a top tourist destination for winter sports.